Facebook Timeline

When Facebook changes there are always good and bad things to come from it.

It turns the site into a war zone of comments loving the changes others, disliking it with a strong will. Yesterday Facebook released it’s lately change, one which redesigns the user experience all together. Facebok timeline.

A point I wish to make clear before i start this review is that for one, I enjoy and like this new change. I do however accept and understand why some people wouldn’t and it’s things I wish to cover in the review. So lets drive right in shall we?

Timeline is Facebooks biggest change in years. It changes the way the profile page of users look in a new and dynamic visual style along with a total overhaul to the way in which everything works. You can see from the pictures just how different timeline truly is but the real question is, what is Timeline? Timeline, in a nutshell, is a way for users to compile their social content and see everything they have shared, posted and much more in a day to day structure. This creates the base of Timeline. From their users can see all the way back to the day they joined Facebook, when they were even born and view everything they have ever done thanks to the new ‘Activity Log’. As you drive deeper into what Timeline is able to do and how it changes your profile, you really start to see the pros.

For one, the new visual design is much easier to find content. Remember seeing those messages like ‘…is now friends with’ and ‘..has liked’ well there all in one box. That’s right, everything is in a box now making it easier to add, share and even hide content. the ‘Activity Log’ is by far the smallest box on the new Timeline profile and that is good. For the user, they can click to see everything but to viewers we get the last three events. This means finding photos, status and videos of cats that your friends told you too watch, is easier. Gone are the days of fighting through silly ‘…now friends with’ messages. On top of that, the visuals come with a new, much cleaner style and the boxes really help to stop everything blending together. Users can even set an update to fill the whole with of the Timeline as an ‘Important’ moment. This is great for letting your viewers see that photo of you all hanging out at full size, without even needing to click it. The visuals and basic user features of Timeline are by far the strongest part of this change. The feature of adding a ‘real’ banner to your profile is my most liked feature at the minute.

“Started using it a few hours ago, and it’s really cool. Didn’t realise my first ever post was “I am eating Pancakes.”

But there are some downsides to Timeline and as much as I like Timeline even I agree that there are issues. For one, and by far the main issue is the fact that when you install Timeline all of your content is made public. This is bad indeed but for once, Facebook had a good backup plan for this. Once Timeline is ready your given seven days to go over all the content on the Timeline and review it before you post it to the world. During this, only you can see your profile in the new style. You can go live at any point but this time is very useful for people. How about changing your viewing settings? Well now everything is public you need to re-set it right? Indeed. However again Facebook did a good thing. They have made it much easier to can the viewer settings of all your content with just a few clicks. You can change it for whole groups at once or just go through post by post. It’s up to you. With those additions the public change isn’t to much of an issue but it would be nice to have kept my settings and not have needed to spend around fifthteen minutes change it back but, this is my least important issue. For others it may be higher. I’m not sure.

Next comes a few small issues which people will notice. For one, the timeline can and will become a bit of a mess to start with. Everything is just kind of thrown in there and until you start to remove and make posts important, it won’t look good. That’s followed by the cover image, this is the banner at the top of the page. No mater what you do this image will always be public. i personally find this very annoying as I don’t really want this banner to be viewed by everyone. This can and in most cases make people not use it or use simple artwork or photos. Kind of a shame really. Here is a big one which most people will find the reason to dislike Timeline. You can’t get it to go away!

For me, this isn’t an issue. I’ve wanted Timeline for a few months now and finally getting my hands on it is great. However, others have loaded it up to try it out and found that they are now stuck with it and many dislike the new look. I hope that in the coming weeks they add a feature to go back to the old style of profiles for those people who are not happy with the change. It gives them one less reason to moan. Speaking of changes the Timeline design hasn’t been added to anything other then user profiles. I would love to see pages and groups get this new look but for now, I can live without it. Just make sure it happens Facebook ok?

Now then. What would be the biggest reason for Facebook users to design Timeline? Simple. It’s different. We all know that a small amount of users on Facebook dislike it whenever Facebook change even one thing. They take it all to heart and feel they must yell their dislike everywhere. An example would be the dislike button. Your not getting one any time soon people so please, stop moaning about it. Timeline is a total change, a redesign of current features and visuals. This will of course enrage a large number of people. The only thing stopping this at the minute is that you don’t have to use Timeline at the minute as it’s totally optional. I would guess that at some point it will be made to change everyones profiles but for the moment we have some joy in having a choice.

“It’s simple, effective and flows in a simple and easy to use manner. I hope timeline makes it’s way to more areas of the site!”

So in short, I really like Timeline and most of my friends do as well. The main reason people will dislike it is because of the change to almost everything on the user profiles. For now however, make up your own mind in a peaceful manner as no one likes haters on their news feed.

To get the new Facebook Timeline, follow the link here and hit the button to install it to your profile.

Let us know what you think on it and thanks for reading.

Words: Nikholai Koolonavich
Photos & Videos: Owned by Facebook and used under fair use license.


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