The 14m² Exhibition

On Friday 9th, we were called down to Bonzo Studio by a group of students from Portsmouth Uni to help them with an exhibition. A photograhpy exhibition which we were really looking forward to. The name, ’14m2′.

Now I’m sure you all know about this exhibition by now. After all we have been promoting it for some time now. If not, allow me to explain. The 14m2 Exhibition is made up of 14 photography students from Portsmouth University. As part of their unit they have to sort out their own exhibition. This includes finding a space, sorting out the books, promotion [That’s us] and much more.

Happy to help, we got to Bonzo nice and early and started doing our thing. Our to do list was a time-lapse, photography and further promotion. The final time-lapse which includes the set up and the opening evening can be viewed below.

The work on display ranges in style, taste, meaning and much more, all displayed in their own ways. From simple picture frames to a projector the range of photography on show is great.

The opening night went down better then it could have in every way. With the welcoming and friendly faces of the group and the Bonzo staff the guests were happy to be there. Of course the addition of free food and drink added to that with the extra of live music from one member of the team. You can see in the video the mass of people which attended the opening and that was twice the number they were hoping for. If that’s not a good result, I don’t know what is.

The feeling and emotion from the work could be felt within the air at the opening. People taking their time to understands and read the work and even talk to the artists themselves. It was a joy to see and a great project to have worked along side. The impact and success of the exhibition is just stunning and with people loving what they see. I would say that the Students that make up 14m2 have done a very good job. Well done!

The exhibition is running on until the December 17th at Bonzo studio down in Southsea, 57 Albert Road, PO5 2SF. It’s open to the public and the studio is very welcoming and a friendly place, so make sure to pop on down and check it out.

We can’t wait to see more from the group and their creative work.

View the full gallery here ~
Check out Bonzo here and on Facebook ~


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