Movember, a recap.

Is it just me or did anyone else notice that in the month of November, men’s facial hair was running wild?

That’s right it was ‘Movember’, the annual event every November where men across the globe grow moustaches in aid to change the face of men’s health ranging from cancer to depression. I have participated in this before, but without knowing the meaning behind it, a few years a go a friend said to do it, and so I did for the fun of it. This year however I actually understood the meaning behind it and went for it!

Now while usually men shave their beards so they only have a moustache, I just decided to not shave at all as my moustache hasn’t completely caught up with the rest of my facial hair yet, but as it doesn’t quite connect to the rest of the beard, it is officially allowed, I found a loop hole in rule 3 which states:’ There is to be no joining of the mo to [one’s] side burns. (That’s considered a beard.)’, yes there’s rules!

So I started with a clean shave the night before the first of the month, and I’ll admit, I looked about 10 years old. Usually my facial hair makes me look older than I actually am, however when stripped of my clothing I looked younger than I actually am. I felt naked. Obviously no tears though…*cough*. So the journey began.

Now this time of the year is a sorrowful one for my parents, who detest anymore than 1mm of facial hair upon my person, and as my dear Grandmother would say, ‘You look shady’. However this month was my month of freedom, they could take my life, but they could never take my facial hair from me. It took a few days to notice some stubble, nowhere near satisfactory, but progress no doubt. By 2 weeks in, I had what I could call my ‘standard presence of pure man’; I was over the moon to say the least. It was going rather well, the ‘Mo’ was visible and not connected to the beard, which was a mile ahead in growth.

When I finally had this solid foundation, I was ready for week 3, layer upon layer it all built up. Even though it was growing a lot, it was surprisingly neat! During the cold nights it was keeping my face warm, it was actually guarding off the chills of the night, which was amazing. Interestingly enough as it grew more, I had more people asking about it, which was really great as it gave me the chance to tell them why I’m doing it and what it is all about, hopefully I’ve recruited some people to participate next year!

It’s the last week of a month long journey. Although it was longer than I would usually have it, I had become used to it, and could have perfectly kept it all that past the end of the month. Bit of a jungle by the end, but a good and worthy jungle no less. Bearing in mind that I have previously gone without shaving for more than a month multiple times, the time had come for me to take it off, it was comfortable but I did really fancy shaving. Although have no fear, it didn’t all come off, oh no! I kept a healthy 5mm on my face, just as I like it, sort of middle ground from strip bare to cardigan like texture.

It was good while it lasted and I certainly had an enjoyable time, plus I didn’t have to get the effort to shave, my face could relax on a nice holiday! I shall of course be participating next year and many more to come! I advise you men out there do the same, sorry ladies but it is only for a month! For those who did take part well done for raising awareness for men’s health, and those who didn’t come and join us next year! It’s goodbye from me.

For more, check out the Movember website here!

Words: Howards Watts
Pictures used with fair use from Movember website.


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