Rule breaking in Gyaru

So, after a few days of technical difficulties with WordPress we are back and today, we have a great article for you all.

Guest blogger Sami has done an article for us on rule breaking in Gyaru. A big thanks to her for helping out.

Enjoy the article and check out her blog here.

From the outside looking in, gyaru can and well, IS, a scary old subculture. Known for strictness and unfortunate cattiness of the Gyaru Secrets community, it can be very nerve racking for newcomers to want to join and enjoy the style.

A down side to joining in to any new fashion subculture is it can be very easy to lose yourself and your own flair, before you know it you are a cookie cutter model and doing it purely because others say so, but fear not! I am here to help shed a little light into keeping your own personal flairs, mixing styles all whilst being able to stay gyaru!

So, are they any rules that can not be broken?

Sure to an extent many will say that the make up is the key to achieving a entirely successful gyaru look, particularly circle lenses and false eyelashes are something that sets the style apart from all others. The rest, it can be worked to how you wish to mould it!

I will start from the literal top with hair!

There is a “rule” that gyaru hair should be blonde, thick and curly… WRONG

Do what ever you want with your hair girls! Long, short, blonde, blue… why does it matter?

Over the last few years I’ve seen even the most “average” of girls be more daring with their hair and whilst admittedly bitter as I was bullied for it in school (haha) it is a nice change of pace to see people be more brave and daring with their hair! Remember it always grows back and on the off chance it doesn’t then you have an excuse to buy amazing wigs!

So on to the fashion it self, there are so many little genres within gyaru; Amekaji, Sweet, Rokku, Manba etc etc But one thing someone will always say is that you could never dress casual many would even go as far as saying gyaru has to look sexy, this can be a problem for someone on many levels, whether its travel or dress code reasons. Thankfully it is possible to be a casual gyaru of course!

It’s very easy to keep your gyaru flair with a casual look, keep an eye on trends and work it with accessories and of course your attitude!

Along similar lines of clothing, many rule that gyaru is girly and should always look “pretty” But… what if you are a long time rocker? Don’t fear, Rokku and Punk looks are always availanle and you should certainly check out the brand tutuHA for your inspiration

EGG models Kanako and Nonoka are huge inspirations for this particular rule break

These just a few examples of how you can avoid being a cookie cutter gyaru and look like a clone of a magazine cover, when it comes to any fashion, it is really important to remember to NEVER lose yourself for the sake of pleasing others, dress for you and for the sake of dressing up.

Life is your catwalk ladies, don’t be afraid to show the world what you’ve got!

Don’t forget to check out more articles and such over at Sami’s blog here.


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