Why Lolita?

As many of you will know, one popular fashion style around the world is as ‘Lolita’. You may have seen some of our past articles on it.

It’s a style with bell shaped dressed, lot of gothic undertone, impressive make up and just all round epicness. It’s even in almost every anime and manga as well!

A member of our team has been into Lolita Fashion for some time and today, she wanted to share with you all just how she got into the style.

The first time I heard about Lolita fashion was 2007 when I was in Hong Kong and my cousins said the name as an offhand comment.

As soon as I got back to the UK I instantly googled it and since then I fell in love. Perhaps it’s the big bell-shaped dresses or the innocence the clothes gives its wearers? Or both, up until now I’m still not sure why Lolita interests me so. Only, these past 2 years have I fully invested in the clothing, moving away from home has helped build up my confidence. If I were to stay at home I couldn’t have bought these clothes main reason being my parents but let’s not go there.

The fashion, like any other ‘obscure’ fashion, has its up and downs, but for me the ups has always outweighed the downs. Sure some people try to put you down with insults but that’s quickly forgotten when you get lovely people coming up to you and saying how nice your outfit is and that it’s nice to see a modestly dressed girl these days. In all my times I’ve worn Lolita outdoors I’ve never come home and thought about giving it up.

It’s unique in the sense that to find a fashion that still turns heads these days is quite hard; goth, emo, scene….they have all become quite common now, you’re bound to see at least one of those styles when you’re out and about. The reason being is because alternative clothing is easier to come by than Lolita. The only places that I know of where you can acquire such clothing is in London and the internet, albeit the ones in London are quite expensive for lower quality items.

Lolita has also given me the chance to meet amazing people who all share the same interests and tastes, Loli meets are always something I look forward to. And if you’ve read past articles on the Yatta blog and magazine then you know exactly what I’m talking about!

To read more by Wai-yi make sure to check out her blog here!


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