14m2 Photography Exhibition

Next month is a busy month for photography with not one, but two exhibitions. Today we would like to welcome you to 14m2.

You may have seen them in Issue four but with the event almost here, let’s have a reminder.

The 14m² exhibition consists of 14 photography students from the university of Portsmouth.

As part of our degree we are required to curate an exhibition from scratch; picking and gaining a location, raising funds, organising the display and all the other elements required for such an event. The work featured in the exhibition is based around the theme of territories; these spaces can be as large or as small as we wish, with the dimensional, territorial and geographical boundaries flexible. The various photographers will be displaying their work in ways that best narrate their idea, including projections, installations and prints.

The exhibition will be on display for 7 days at Bonzo studio, an open access studio on Albert Road that offers a welcoming environment for artists and art lovers.

On the opening night preview, expect a friendly atmosphere at Bonzo studio where you can chat to the photographers and enjoy entertainment in the form of an acoustic set by one of the exhibiting photographers, Alice Chidgey. Portfolios of each photographer will be on display for you to browse through, allowing you the chance to enjoy a wide variety of their work.

During the following week, the exhibition will be open to the public and each day at least two photographers will be at Bonzo studio to talk about the work and answer any questions you may have had. These times will be available from the opening night at Bonzo or found on the 14m² facebook group.

The exhibition will take place from the 10-17th December at Bonzo studio, with an opening night preview on 9th December from 6 – 9pm.

We will be at the opening night to give you all the full coverage of the exhibition.


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