How to make a Yatta! Pumpkin ~

Halloween is a great time of the year. Why? Because you can cut out pumpkins and what better pumpkin to make then a Yatta! pumpkin. Scarecow-Who shows you how.

What You need: -A pumpkin. -A bowl. -A spoon. -A knife. -Your design drawn on a piece of paper

Step 1- Cut off the top of the pumpkin for the lid. Hold the knife at an angle so the lid will stay on later.

Step 2- Placing the contents in the bowl, scoop out the inside of the pumpkin. (You may need to use the knife to get started). Be sure to scoop out everything.

Step 3- Once you have scooped out your pumpkin you need to draw on your design. For this pumpkin I have decided to use the Yatta! logo but any design will do. Make sure you pick the smoothest side of the pumpkin! This will make it easier once you start carving.

The best way to do this is to draw your chosen design onto a piece of paper and, using a knife or pen, hold the paper against the pumpkin and draw over it. This will leave an indentation on the pumpkin. (You may wish to draw over the design again to make it easier to see).

Step 4- Now is time for the actually carving of your pumpkin. This can be difficult, especially if you have a more complicated design. For a simple design you can use any small kitchen knife. If you have a more complicated design with smaller sections (like I have) a smaller knife is advised. Simply follow the lines you have already drawn on, making sure you cut deep enough.

5- Once everything is cut away your pumpkin is done! The only thing left is to put in a candle and light it.

And your done! Now it’s time to enjoy your work!

Rather awesome isn’t it? If you want to see more make sure to check out Scarecow-Who.


Have you got an epic pumpkin? Send us a picture and share your creation!


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