Mascot ~ 3rd Place winner is…

As you all know, the team have been talking and voting for the winners to our mascot contest.

Along with finishing issue four, this has been our main goal and today, we are happy to show who won 3rd place!

Now don’t worry, 2nd place will be named tomorrow and the 1st place winner will be named in the magazine on the 27th. All the prizes and such will be sorted out over the weekend.

So, who won 3rd prize? Read on to find out….

Yoko by Soul-ReaperX

Well done to soul-reaperx who takes home the 3rd place! Make sure to check out more of their work on their DeviantArt account here.

For 3rd place you have won: 1 month premium membership, 1 week feature on our journal, a 1 week feature on Goldenwolf18s journal, chibi by Goldenwolf18

Check back tomorrow for the 2nd place winner and much more!


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