Southampton Lolita meet

We haven’t had anything here on the Yatta! blog about fashion and meet’s up in a long time so, today is great for this!

Yatta! member Wai-Yi went to the ‘Southampton Lolita meet’ on Saturday 15th, this is her write up. Check it out.

I originally wanted to wear my Starry Sky of Mother Goose jsk but my shoes didn’t arrive in time. So on the morning of the meet I decided to wear my Vampire Requiem replica co-ord but, due to always getting blisters on my feet walking around in heels I wore my boot instead, and a lot of walking we did! Tiring day but utterly worth it! But my outfit aside, On with the day-

We were meant to meet up at Southampton station for 12pm but my boyfriend and I was late due to missing our train, so by the time we were all together it was about 1pm-ish.

When we finally arrived at the Tudor House we were greeted by many compliments from both visitors and the people who worked there, most frequent question being “What’s the occassion?” most said phrase “You all look so beautiful!” We managed to get a big discount due to us being a group of 10 people, normal admission price would be £4-5 but we all got in for £2 each! After we paid we were led into the “banquet hall” which was more of a banquet room, the lights were dimmed and projections were playing on the wall whilst the “spirits” talked about the house and basic history of Southampton. (My boyfriend pointed out one of the voices sounded like Voldemort) when the “spirit’s” left the curtain was drawn back so we took the opportunity to take photos.

We wandered around the place for a while and found the courtyard and a genuine cannon, an old man gave us the brief history of the cannon which we found out it’s the only one left out of 12 that was commissioned by Henry the 8th to protect England from being invaded by the Spanish. It was rather interesting!

Next to the courtyard supposed Garden which was more of a lawn, since we came pretty late in the year nothing was in bloom but we found a pretty canopy and a mini cannon ornament. I was too small to get on the big one but I managed to conquer this one instead and added my own additions to it albeit quite badly. Plus since the weather was beautiful we took advantage of our boy’s and had couple shots.

We were all starving by the time we left the house and after a quick vote we decided to go for chinese food! 7 of us had Dim Sum and the other 3 had a buffet, the food was so yummy! Back when I lived at home my parents would take us here every month or so.

Total price came to £65.17 so £6.50 each was totally worth it. We regret nothing.

Of course, every city trip must include a shopping trip. We walked around West Quays and since it was a Saturday the place was pretty packed, we got a few odd stares but nothing horrible, the pros weighed out the cons that day, lots of seniors came over just to tell us we looked lovely which brightened up our already bright day!

Inside West Quay and H&M after rummaging through the kids section and awwwwing at everything West Quay closes at 7pm on a weekend which meant the end of another fun & frilly day. As we all said our goodbyes and trotted our own way home, I can only hope my 5th meet will be as wonderful as this one, I’ve met 4 of the girls before but Monika was a fresh face and a beautiful one at that. In fact as loli’s go these are my favourite and the prettiest girls I’ve ever met, inside and out ❤

If your a fan of lolita make sure to keep checking on Facebook and the Yatta! page for updates on the next meet up. It’s always fun and the more people the better.

Thanks for reading!

~ Wai-Yi ~

For more check out Wai-Yi’s blog here!

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