Yatta! Feature ~ High School Horrors

Some of you may remember that many moons ago we featured the first part of a story known as High School Horrors.

It went down really well with you all, and today we wanted to bring you some more details and a closer look into the world of the story. Who best to do that then the writer them self.

Please welcome, Katie.

High School Horrors logo

When I was little, I was always fascinated with the books my mum got for me. I was engrossed in the multiple worlds and fantasies that I drunk in, so engrossed that I started penning my own stories with fantastical characters having brilliant adventures. I have nearly finished a book, at over 100,000 words long, but one day, I started a new story.

I often started new stories, to keep me from getting too bored of writing my book all the time. I have a myriad of stories on my hard drives that might never be finished, a galaxy of different worlds and characters that might never have their lives for-filled. But one story stuck. One story kept growing, the characters kept developing and they became embroiled in my life.

High School Horrors. A world of Angels, shadow beasts and summoning. Katie, the main character, is carted off to a new and unheard of school, with her brother, at the age of 18, by their mother and is left there to find out for themselves what is going on. They meet their friends and they discover, not everything in this world is as it seems…
Split into two parts, High School Horrors will take you through their lives of discover and fate, to build up to an ending I have been excited about since I thought it up. Their world has been turned upside down and their fate cemented into writing.

Any of my friends can tell you, how extremely passionate I am about High School Horrors. It has become my baby, my favourite writing project and I will do anything to promote it, to seek out new people that will enjoy it! The passion I feel for HSH is immense, and is my main project that I love to work on. At the moment, I am trying to expand beyond deviant Art, where there is often not that much love for writing, to other places, where I might reach those who are willing to take the time to sit down and read High School Horrors. I truly appreciate every comment people leave and I love hearing when people enjoy it!

Katie, Diago, Dae and Kyo are my much loved characters and since the creation of other original characters, they were a bit abandoned. But now, they are coming back again, and all I can talk about sometimes is them and High School Horrors. If you were to ask me in person to talk about them and HSH, I wouldn’t be able to explain myself and stumble with my words. But in writing about them, I could go on for ever. Katie, my lovely, naïve, heroine, her feelings for some of the male characters, will they make her make the wrong decisions? Diago, the ever faithful brother, quite and almost shy, standing by her and protecting her. Could anything make him abandon his sister? Dae, the quiet but determined handsome young man, whose eyes light up at the sight of someone special. Will he have to fight against his feelings or will fate choose his path in life? And finally, Kyo. Lovable, child like Kyo. Though superficial on the surface, Kyo sees everything that goes on around him. He has a brain and he knows how to use it. Will he ultimately be for ever faithful to his best friend?

High School Horrors will continue to go on till its end. An end that has already been planned and put into motion.

Will you follow these four friends and find out what happens to real bonds in the face of some truly unique hardships?

You can find more on High School Horrors over on DeviantArt and on Facebook.

Want to talk to Katie? come and talk to her at the Yatta! forum.


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