Eurogamer 2011 ~ The final round up!

The Eurogamer EXPO was a huge event with well over 60 games on show. Due to only a few of the Yatta! team going and the long lines we were unable to play each and every game. Some however we only got a few minutes with, which wasn’t fun.

To finish off the last of our gaming week content, other then naming the winners of our give away and our top games of the show, we wanted to run through some more games. These will be very short and quick write ups of the games which we were unable to play for more then 5 minutes. Also those we just didn’t play at all. Next year we plan to take more people and go for more then one day but given that I spent nearly two hours in one line…well, you get the picture.

So, let’s run through some games shall we!

Assassin’s Creed: Revelations:

This was one of the most played games at the show from what we saw but if we are totally honest, it didn’t really do anything for us. It looks to be yet a great game but it doesn’t look they have put to much to it. Given it most of the team will end up playing it and it’s going to be great just nothing to special going on here.

Batman: Arkham City:

Reasons why this game is great number one, It’s Batman. Number 2, it’s just like the last game and more. Number 3, it’s Batman! We did get some hands on with this and it played just the same, felt just the same but everything was 20% cooler and much more epic. After all, it is Batman!

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3:

A lot of people at the show were let down but this demo. We were too. Ok I’ll be honest and say that personally I’m not a huge Call of Duty fan but even still this just looks like the same as the last one, but even worst. A few people we spoke too who were hardcore fans said that they will still enjoy this game, but they do hope it’s the last. Still a buy maybe?

Dance Central 2:

We here at Yatta! love our dancing games. Be it on the Xbox, the Wii or even just old school DDR, we love them. We spent a fair amount of time on Dance Central 2 just dancing in front of many and having a great time. It’s the same old game as before but with better songs and a few new features, it’s set to be a great party game!

End of Nations:

This kind of let us down. That could have been because the demo we got was one of the worst ever. None the less we all played this and it didn’t feel right. It’s a real time game much like the others but your focused more on how you move and command your units due to only having limited amounts. It’s fun and looks great but nothing too special. Mind you, we still want to give it a full play through as it’s one of those games you can really say much about from 10 minutes with. Wroth a look!

Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary:

We are really, really let down by this. What they had on show was the multi-player. Which was the same as the Halo: Reach multi-player but with old maps. Nothing else is different about it. If you wanted a new multi-player, not wroth it. If your in on this for the single player like we are, good because that’s all it will be wroth for.

Metal Gear HD Collection:

Beautiful. The games are the same as we already know and love them but with the graphics being given a huge face lift and they are now in HD looking better then ever. Prefect games now with prefect visuals. These will be day one for the Yatta! team.


We can’t really say a lot on this, we are still trying it out and the whole team is mixed on it. We will get a review up at some point none the less. Wroth a try mind you, they give you your first game for a £1 when you sign up, so try it out!


This MMO came out about six months ago and at the expo they were showing off the next big update. What we saw and played was epic and we really enjoyed it. So much so that we even picked up free copies of the game with 40 free days of play time and well, I’m loving it and so are the team. If your into MMO’s and haven’t played RIFT yet please do. It’s a great game!

World of Tanks:

A free to play online game where you take control of a tank and jump into a battle with a others and fight to the last man, i mean tank standing! It’s really slow in terms of gameplay but you do really feel like your driving a tank. We had fun playing it at the event but it was a bit too slow for us. Make sure to check it out mind you, it is free to play none the less!

That’s it. We hope that gives you a bit more of a look into some of the games that where at the Eurogamer EXPO. Sorry we couldn’t cover them all for you but we did what we could. It was a great event and fun times were had, we can’t wait to go back next year!

Which game was your favouite? Let us know on Facebook.

Words: Nikholai


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