Eurogamer 2011 ~ Rayman Origins

Well what can I say? A massive fan of rayman as a Child, I grew up with all of the games, the first and second being my personal favourites whilst the rest fade into obscurity at times.

However, no matter what new game has my attention and what platformer I find myself diving into, I can’t help but go back and give the first rayman another play. It had a complete charm that I had never seen before with fantastic and imaginative locations, tricky but fair plat-forming and a fantastic visual style with a great sense of humour. Whilst the second one kept this to a degree, it felt allot darker and wasn’t as fun loving I believe.

The games went on, but they never brought back the fun loving rayman that I enjoyed as a lad, Well, Not until now that is. Rayman origins is a complete return to form for our limbless hero with its brilliant 2D perspective restored and the visuals been put on a nice dose of happy pills to stop them feeling so Grim. The game is a standard 2D platformer with a number of differences that make it great, such as the ability to swing, punch and fly your way through the worlds various puzzles and pitfalls.

The biggest change and also the best one is the idea to add 4 player co-op. Now rayman’s best friend “Globox” can join in the fun and platform alongside our intrepid hero. Two other players can join the fun as unidentified wizards but this was not shown at the expo. The co-op works amazingly well with brilliant movement and some truly brilliant co-op puzzles. The one downside being the fact that you can hit each other with your attacks, which whilst funny the first couple of times, can be a bit of a deterrence during some of the more frantic fights.

The expo showed three sections of the game including a Cave, a jungle and an ancient temple. These three locations felt amazingly unique and all had a separate charm of their own. The music of each area felt unique too with upbeat, Tribal style drums and other cheerful music really giving the areas a sense of character.

Overall, this is a magnificent return to form for a character that, whilst I loved when he was in his prime, had fallen to the standard grab-a-buck style game making. I am very much looking forward to this game and hopefully, it will bring back the character triumphantly.

Words: Top Hat Joe

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