Eurogamer 2011 ~ Monstermind review

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of a Facebook game?

Is it something casual? Something too do with animals? How about something where you can only do so much every 24 hours? If I’m honest, I think the same.

This was until I got an email form Bossa Studios asking if I would check out their new game, a Facebook game. I was a bit worried at first but given they had ask, I felt I should and I was in for a shock. A good shock. Bossa, a London based studio said that their game was a real-time experience where you do battle with your friends and they were not lying. The name? Monstermind.

Given, I spend a lot of time on Facebook. I think most people these day’s do but I have always had something againt Facebook gaming. I find them cut down builds of current games, way to casual for my hardcore PC gaming ways and normally your very limited to what you can do without having to pay real cash to get more ‘energy’ which is way overpriced. Monstermind on the other hand stands out from all of these and offers a game which is well wroth your time. The basic idea is that you build your city, manage the business’s to get money and link up with friends and check out their city. This is all fun on it’s own but what makes it stand out is the main feature, releasing monsters to bring their city to the ground! All of which, may I add, happens in real time!

The trailer they release says ‘Build the city of your dreams, and crush the drams of your friends’ and they are right! After about an hour of playing around with it, I sent out a message to the Yatta! team asking them all to get on and within a few more hours I was having to hold off against attacks from all my team members. It was more fun then it should of be, but I’m not saying that is a bad thing because the fact is we all loved it. The game is just so much fun!

“It’s very addicting and fun to play, even better when your destroy your bosses city!” ~ Yatta! team

The game is themed around the old ‘B-movie’ films with the outer of this world monsters. We have your 40ft tall women, your brain in a jar on legs and of course, waves and waves of zombies! The visual style is just beautiful and somewhat ‘cute’ at the same time. It’s easy to see a lot of time was spend on this and it really pays off. After all it was the visuals take drawn me in to start with. To work along with it we have the audio which is fitting, creative and very effective. Your know when your under attack just from the sounds alone, which is a nice feature to the gameplay.

Gameplay itself is really simple and user friendly but at the same time as can be so much more. Building a running your city is as easy as a few simple clicks meaning that very little effort is needed in the running. One feature which mixes things up a bit is that everything needs to be next to a road which links to the town hall. This means that you need to think carefully about how to place your city in order to keep it running and ensure your defences methods are powered up. Money comes in from your businesses which you can collect after so much time. This is where my first, and really only issues is. Say a building gives you a payout every 30 minutes. You go away for an a few hours and when you collect, it’s only one payout. It’s a bit of a pain but it works none the less. Also given that the game hasn’t been out of beta for too long, I know the developers will change things around as they promise to support and update the game for a long time.

I’m forgetting about attacking your friends, silly me. This is the best part of Monstermind and you should aim to do this a lot in order to show the others who is boss. Attacking is simple just pick a friend, buy some monsters and away you go. Each element within the game has it’s own weakness and your soon find out what they are. The developers have said that a lot of pro gamers are coming to Monstermind and finding ways to attack their friends which even they didn’t think of. Given I play a lot of Real-time strategy games, it’s nice to see I can use my skills and planning from there in Monstermind as well. The game is just great and allows for a lot of flexible options as well as a whole range of items and content. With more to come and given how much time the team and I have put into the game already, i can happily say you should all check Monstermind out!

To quickly sum everything up, Monstermind is a simple, fun and addicting game with a beautiful art style that anyone can enjoy. A must play and one of our favourite games from the Eurogamer EXPO. Prefect game!

I just wish my team would stop levelling my city to the ground. You would think they don’t like me or something?

Check out the game now over on Facebook here!

Words: Nikholai


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