Eurogamer 2011 ~ Valve Interview

I like to call myself a hardcore PC gamer. My early years of gaming where spent on games such as Unreal, Half Life, Deus EX and of course, Counter-Strike.

For that reason when I learned of a new Counter-Strike game being made, I just needed to find out more and what better way to do so, then to speak to the project lead himself, Ido Magal.

Before talking to Ido, I got my hands on a full game of the new Counter-Strike: Global Offensive in which I had a lot of fun. From here I was able to get ten minutes of Ido’s time and jump right into an interview. So, without any more delays let’s get right to it!

For the write up of the game it’s self, click here!

Given that I just played CS:GO on the PS3 and had a great time, I want too know, when the team agreed ‘Let’s take CS to consoles’ were you at all worried or just really looking forward to doing so?

Both, we are always worried and i think that is why we take great care on the products we work on to make sure they end up really good. We think it’s going to be the best CS ever and we are slowly making sure that happens.

What I’ve seen today is that everyone is pretty happy and it looks great, one thing I personal found good was how easy it was to pick up the PS3 controller and just get right into it. Is that something your seeing happen a lot?

Yes, we are getting a lot of CS players who are big PC gamer who come to the console and get a bit worried, but they end up topping the score board because the skills just transfer over so quick and easy. Even if you have never played a console before, it’s still CS and we are working hard to make sure anyone can just pick it up and play it, but still keep it fun.

One thing that I have been looking forward hearing more of it the cross-platform feature. I love that I can sit on my PC, playing against a PS3 owner. Is this a feature you wanted from the get go or something you came up with later on in development?

It was never really an option before. We shipped CS for the Xbox in 2003 and it wasn’t an option then but we are looking into it now and of course we have Steam on the PC which has been great and we are looking into the feature. We can’t promise anything but we are looking it to it a lot.

Given that CS:S came out in 2004, and the fans have wanted a new game for so long, for how much time now has CS:GO been in development?

More or less about two years. The first thing we did was a straight out port of CS:S to Xbox on the XBLA and when we saw it working we got really happy about it so we made the choice to just keep working on it and here we are today.

That’s great! I mean, I just had a great time playing it and it’s good to see the old DUST map back. Have you kept the old maps or are there new ones as well?

There are seven classic maps in CS:GO, those include DUST, DUST 2, NUKE, INFERNO and many more. We looked at the ones people played the most and just pulled those right out and updated them for the new game. We also have eight new maps and two new game modes. Arsenal: Arms Race and Arsenal: Demolition which are gun game modes.

That’s good to see that gun game is coming back into the core game. Can you tell us a bit more about the new modes?

Sure. So you have your normal gun game which is the fast re-spawn where you level up through the weapons which we have a load of maps for. Then we have mission based ones for gun game where we have these closed, tight maps where you have one spawn and the game last maybe, less then a minute. Just really fast paced and high action and a lot of fun. No need to buy weapons, no need to learn the map you just run forward and own!

That’s great. I mean from everything I’ve just seen you have taken all the good elements of CS:S and just made it twice as fun, new visuals, new sound i mean it just looks and plays really well. Even on the PS3! Will there be small extras for the long term PC fans at all or the same across all platforms?

Well we will be able to do more on Steam but it will be the same game across the map and will still be the same CS you all know and love.

Epic! Last question is, when can we look forward to playing it?

Next year. The Beta goes up next month, and once the beta goes good we will lock it down and start the shipping process.

All great. Thank you very much for your time and best of luck. Can’t wait to play!

Welcome and thanks, we can’t wait to see everyone playing.

Interview by: Nikholai

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