Eurogamer 2011 ~ Counter Strike: Global Offensive

What a shock it was the find that the new Valve game, Counter Strike: Global Offensive was to be at the eurogamer expo. Even more to find it was playable!

I’m a hardcore PC gamer and I have always loved the CS series spending many hours in the games. Hearing the news of the new release filled me with a lot of mixed emotions which were mostly joy however, I was a small bit worried. Now Valve, in my eyes, have never made a bad game. Given the whole Team Fortress Hat thing went a bit to far but the game is still fun, I was looking forward to seeing how CS:GO would play. Then came the second emotion, shock.

CS:GO was to be not only multi-platform, but cross platform.

I won’t lie, I was at first very worried but after getting to play the game I can happily say this is the best thing for it. I waited in line with a few other members of the Yatta! team and watched in horror as we were to do battle in a 5v5, best 2 out of 3 match on the PS3. No, really. being all PC gamers with the joint play time of easyly 200+ hours we did freak. But never fear, it was all good!

Picking up the controller and playing CS does seem like a bad thing but in play, it works. In fact it’s so easy to just pick up the controller and start playing just like you would on the PC. Learning the controls took no more then a few seconds and right away we were in battle. We lost, that was a given but we did do our best and more importantly we had a great time! CS:GO is just, prefect! well, as near prefect as it can be at it’s current state. The sounds and visuals are a huge improvement and it just feels like the old CS which is great. The new buying system is clean and clear, the game-play is solid and flows and maps and way points are made easy to see.

Even for a game which is unfinished, it is prefect. The PS3 is able to handle the Source engine with no effort and it just plays out as it would on the PC. The normal factors are still in place with the one life and buying your weapons, just everything has had a redesign to allow for better gameplay and for easier use on consoles. It’s just what we wanted and much more. Also the cross platform gaming isn’t a 100% sure element of the game just yet but if it goes ahead I can’t wait to own some console noobs on my PC. Mind you, it’s so easy to pick up CS:GO that maybe the console players will be better then us PC gamers. I guess only time will tell and for now, CS:GO is set to be one of the best games of 2012 and my personal game of the show at Eurogamer.

A must buy!

We will have more on CS:GO next month when we get our hands on the beta!

Don’t forget to check out our interview we CS:GO project lead Ido Magal here!

Words: Nikholai

Let us know what you think of CS:GO over at the forum!


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