Eurogamer 2011 ~ Guild Wars 2

This is a game I have been awaiting for at least 3 years. Being an avid Guild Wars player, I was extremely excited to see Guild Wars 2 in action. And I was far from disappointed; I truly believe this will be the greatest MMORPG ever made.

Everything about Guild Wars 2, from what I’ve seen, is perfect. The graphics, the game play, the experience and the fact that every player has their own story reached beyond the peak of my expectations.

ArenaNet are taking everything bad about MMOs and making them enjoyable and better. They have created fantastic ways around the repetitive and generic side of most other games. Quests for example, normally you’d speak to a dude then go kill 10 monsters, which gets hideously boring, in Guild Wars 2 they have made “dynamic events” which allows players to take part in an event or quest that’s happening nearby, let’s say a village is being attacked, players don’t have to speak to anyone to join in and any amount of people can help, and the more players that join the event the harder it gets, so everyone actually plays a part in completing it. Evidently creating more team work and encouraging people to play together.

These dynamic events will affect the whole world, say the village gets taken over, it will stay taken over until another event comes to claim it back. There are 1000’s of events to take part in throughout the entire game and the world is always changing, so every time you go to an area you may experience a completely new aspect of it.

I attended the Guild Wars 2 conference at the Eurogamer Expo, presented by Colin Johanson, the Game Designer for GW2. Colin kicked things off by explaining some of the many unique features of the game, dynamic events, each player’s own personal story, character customization etc. We then saw a dynamic event in action with members of ArenaNet playing, it lived up to and justified how Colin had explained how they work, epic to say the very least. The graphics are amazing, the combat is stunning and the artwork as well as the scenery is beyond what I had imagined. Colin stated that the game is currently in Alpha and there is still a lot more to be added to the game; I was overjoyed.

Ultimately, I honestly can’t express how much I want this game! It really has lived up to the trailers and what ArenaNet have said during its production. I would recommend Guild Wars 2 to anyone even if they didn’t like MMORPGs because this isn’t like any other. I believe it will be the ultimate gaming experience.

I cannot wait.

Words: Dom Watts

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Check out Guild Wars 2!


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