Eurogamer 2011 ~ The Elder Scroll V: Skyrim

A game I had been looking forward to playing so much, thankfully, I was not disappointed.

I consider myself more of a PC gamer nowadays, but my time with Oblivion was spent on the Xbox 360. Two hundred wonderful hours worth, and I think that Skyrim has the potential to deliver such entertainment, maybe even more.

The Skyrim demo was epic, featuring everything we would expect from an Elder Scrolls title. Graphical quality was superb, even for the 360, and meshed well with the controls. I especially like the ability to closely examine any item by rotating and manipulating it. Facial animations and design are far superior to their counterparts from Oblivion.

The Creation Engine really does improve the overall quality of the game. The environments are beautifully detailed, from the largest tree, it’s leaves swaying in the wind, to the smallest snowflake, fluttering gently to the ground. The wide-open land of Skyrim presents the player with the same freedom of choice they experienced in Oblivion, albeit in a more attractive landscape with a new mission.

The demo starts you out as a prisoner…again. You have access to a selection of weapons and armour straight away and can simply set off at your leisure, though not before you edit your appearance. Time was short, so I didn’t bother, just chose a Khajiit (lion-faced rogues). Enemies are strong and decisive, fighting aggressively, or flanking you strategically.

It’s all a huge improvement over its predecessor. I cannot say Oblivion was a bad game, it just wasn’t. But there were certain elements of gameplay that made the game suffer. These have all been addressed, and Skyrim strikes me as a polished, more enthralling version of an already epic game. Skyrim is set to be incredible, and certainly looks like a game of the year contender to me.

Words: Michael Rood

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