Eurogamer 2011 ~ Battlefield 3

Given how much of a fan I am of games by the developer DICE, I was looking very forward to getting my hands on battlefield 3 at this year’s Eurogamer EXPO. However, it wasn’t at all what I wanted to see…

Before I start let me point out that I played a beta build of the game and with that completely understand that there would be bugs, technical errors and much more. So with those aside, how did I find my time with one of the biggest games of the year?

Given that I’m a PC gamer, I wanted to see how the game would far up on the consoles so I joined the line for the Xbox side of things, which was shorter then the PC line, even if It was an hour long wait. After sitting down and getting put into a quick game of multilayer I made sure to do my best to get the most fun out of my 15 minutes of game time. The sad fact here is that I had little to no fun with this at all. No, really.

It wasn’t that I sucked, it wasn’t that I’m not good with a console, it wasn’t even the bugs and errors. It came down to the game play and simply put, it did nothing for me. I wouldn’t say that it right out sucked and wasn’t enjoyable but more I felt rather let down by it.

The game was stunning in the visual and sound area and all that was just beautiful, even for a console. The main issue I had was that it just didn’t feel fun. The gameplay for the game mode I was playing was the same, if not worst then what we have seen in past games such as Bad company 2. Even down to the game menu, it was near on the same to the last detail as past games. Mind you, running through a park and shooting the enemy and then jumping into the subway was a lot of fun. The game felt epic and made you feel like you are there but it wasn’t as fun as other games. It’s hard to say….

If I had to sum this all up, I would have to say that Battlefield 3 could well be one of the best shooters for many years but in it’s current state, there is a lot which could be improved. However if your a fan of the series, do make sure to pick this game up as what I saw of the single player was just epic!

Battlefield 3 comes out next month, it won’t be a day one purchase for myself but it should be a purchase none the less. Mind you, I’ll go with the PC one myself.

Words: Nikholai-chan

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