Eurogamer 2011 – Mass Effect 3

Commander Shepard’s latest adventure delivers unto us the culmination of the one of the best sci-fi gaming series ever.

I gave the demo a good play through and can honestly say that we’re seeing a development like no other. It is a welcome return of some of the in-depth RPG elements of the first title, combined with the brilliant visual style and combat system of the second.

Combat is as fluid as ever, and the enemies just as aggressive, if not more so, since Cerberus is now you’re enemy, seeking to eliminate Shepard and fight the Reapers at the same time. Once again all your decisions are carried over as the save game utility makes a welcomed return. The biggest improvement is on the structure of the menus and HUD. Every possible combat decision is taken into consideration as the player guides their squad through numerous combat situation.

The RPG elements that served to diversify the sheer number of levelling possibilities in the first game have been re-introduced, but have been scaled down to keep the game manageable. I’m not saying that the first game was bad in any way, but there were a lot of choices the player could make, and it can be argued that there were too many. This feels like a perfectly equal combination and looks set to create a myriad of possibilities that will make an already unique and immaculate game series, even better.

Words: Michael Rood

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