Jonathan Scott ~ Stricken Comics

It’s been some time but we have once more a nice artist feature for you all!

Today we would like you all to meet Jonathan Scott, one of the co-founders of Stricken Comics and someone who is very skilled at what they do! As always, let’s pass over to the and make sure to check out his work!


Ive been drawing and painting as long as I can remember, ever since the first time I drew, i found the ability to tell a wordless story one of the richest experiences you can have, and it was based on this experience i co-founded Stricken comics.

with my major in illustration and minor in fine art I plan to use these skills to create portraiture, design concept and tell stories. my art work, like any other artists, is still evolving, being crafted between traditional oil painting and graphic ink drawings and even that is subject to change, but if you like my art work I am open to taking commissions of any type.

I appreciate any support no matter how small to myself or Stricken Comics!

Thanks for your time!

Make sure to check out more of Jonathan’s work over at his DeviantArt and make sure to hit up Stricken Comics!

Don’t forget to check us out on Facebook!


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