Mikubook ~ Meet your next favorite

If your like me, you love your Vocaloid music but hate having to search for it.

Think about how much time you spend online looking for your favorite Vocaloid songs and their music videos. Done that? good. you should of ended up with at least a few hours. YouTube is one of the main places to find new Vocaloid music but sadly, can be a pain and take some time. You even ended up with a lot of content which is unrelated to Vocaloid.

So wouldn’t it be nice if there was a way of finding new Vocaloid songs and keeping track of your favorites in a simple and easy way? Well the good news is that the people over at CRYPTON FUTURE MEDIA, who made Hatsune Miku have done just that!

I would like to welcome you to MikuBook!

I found this website on a random google sreach and was at least, very lost with what it could be. A fan site? kind of. A forum? kind of. Something just like YouTube? kind of…well no, more yes then anything. In fact MikuBook is the YouTube of JUST Vocaloid music. It’s a simple idea and a simple site to use but it really helps Vocaloid fans find their favorite music and great new ones!

~One of the most popluar songs on Mikubook at the moment~

You start by signing in with your Facebook account, which if you so wish will post an update to your wall every time you favorite or comment on a video. From there, just start searching! You can look at what’s new, what’s hot or even what MikuBook thinks or like from your current favorites. It’s fast, simple and easy to you and allows you to keep track of all your favoutire Vocaloid videos in one place. Now it’s linked into YouTube as all the videos are played from there, so you can always jump over and look at more work from that artist. It’s currently in Beta stages, which means they are still adding features, but from what they have hinted as new features it’s set to get more epic!

MikuBook is free and only takes a few moments to sign up. If your looking for a simple way to find Vocaloid music without dealing with all the bad elements of YouTube, including those ads then MikuBook is the one for you. In my short time of using it I’ve already made over twice as many favouites to that on my YouTube account with no sign of slowing down. MikuBook is just prefect for any Vocaloid fan!

Oh, and every time you add a video to your favorites, Miku says ‘Thank you’. Which may well be the cutest thing on the internet!

Check it out over at MikuBook.com

And let us know what you think about MikuBook on our Yatta! forum!


Words: NikholaiChan 


2 responses to “Mikubook ~ Meet your next favorite

  1. Hi there. Found this page via a retweet on twitter.:) Simple, and to the point article. But, slight correction if I may. Crypton Future Media did not “make” Vocaloid. That distinction goes to Yamaha which offers other companies a license to use the technology and trademark name to sell their own voice libraries. What Crypton has done is popularize Vocaloid with Hatsune Miku. They own the rights to her name and imagery, but not the rights to the name Vocaloid or the technology.

    • Hey there, glad you like the article 🙂

      Ah I see. Thank you for the heads up on that, I will have to make a change to the article. If I’m totally honest I didn’t really think about that but thank you for pointing it out ^^

      Many thanks.

      ~ Nik ~

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