Jamie doesn’t want Battlefield 3!

The Top 5 Reasons I Don’t Want Battlefield 3 Anymore

The word “Fanboy” is thrown around so fruitlessly nowadays. If you like something even a little bit you can be labelled one. But I like to apply it to myself when accurate. I mean, I think the 2005 PS2 game Rogue Galaxy is an unsung masterpiece, but I’d hardly get the logo tattoo’d on my arm (Though I might get Steve’s face done…).

But EA Dice? Christ those guys have a hold over me. The Battlefield Series has always been a favourite of mine, with Battlefield 2142 remaining my favourite online game to this day (Despite the rather suspect Punkbuster Online system). Even Mirror’s Edge, which was received by critics and consumers somewhat tepidly, I ate up and asked for more. So naturally, when they announced Battlefield 3, I wet myself. And I continued to wet myself, but as more and more info got announced, I started to dry up. Suddenly, one of my most anticipated games of the year has become a game I plan on getting when it comes down in price. Maybe. Why? Well, that’s a damn easy question to answer…


  1. Out of Game Server Browser

Okay, this one just confuses me. If you’ve never played a PC game online before (And to be honest, in this console-centric world, I wouldn’t be surprised if you hadn’t), the typical way to find a game is through a server browser. There’s generally no matchmaking or “Jump into game” feature, you just get a big ol’ list of servers, telling you how many players are in each one, and what the connections like. It’s a far easier way to find a decent game than matchmaking as you can scope out the server before being thrust into it. And console players will be glad to know that BF3 on PS3 and 360 will have a server browser. That’s brilliant!

Except I’m a PC Gamer. We don’t get a server browser. Well, we do. But it’s not in game. No, according to beta reports and an EA press release, in order to join a different server, you’ll be required to exit the game, log onto the EA website and click a server from there.

I don’t really need to explain this do I? It pointlessly adds another step to a fairly simply and easy task. There’s no excuse when the console players get the easier option.


  1. Seems to be a more Graphically-Focused Game

PC Games have always held fantastic visuals over the heads of console games. Crysis was considered the landmark for graphics at one point, but it looks like it’ll be overtaken by Battlefield 3. But there’s a difference here – Pre-release, I could tell you exactly how Crysis played, and I could tell you some neat features. Pre-release for BF3, all I can tell you is that it looks really nice, has some stuff from Battlefield 2, and…yeah it looks nice. I’ve read a fair few articles on the game, and aside from a few removals from Battlefield 2, and a few things carrying over from Battlefield 2, there’s not much there outside of graphics. It makes me worried that this game will just be an excuse to show off an engine as opposed to craft a genuinely fun experience. (Though I have no doubt it’ll be fun, but does it look like it’ll be more or less fun than previous Battlefield game? The fact I can’t answer that this close to release is suspect)


  1. It’s Modern Warfare 3 but Shinier

The game looks too gritty. I’m gonna come out and say it, the game looks dusty, gritty and it just looks like a Call of Duty game. I mean, to be fair, Bad Company 2 looks like a COD game but plays differently, but this isn’t Bad Company. This is a main-series Battlefield game, and I expect the damn thing to look like Battlefield. This might seem like a petty thing, I mean Team Fortress changed it’s look between games. But this is different. This isn’t going from a fairly boring visual style to a new and exciting one. This is going from a bright and vivid visual style to a boring one. The main-series Battlefield games have always had colour, something the third instalment seems to be lacking. Aside from the graphics and a few nuances, the trailers for BF3 look identical to a trailer for Modern Warfare. And that’s not a good thing.


  1. Origin Exclusivity

Steam is the biggest digital distribution platform on Earth. I daresay almost everyone has an account, even if they don’t have any games. If you’re a user on Steam, you’re very likely to impulse buy almost everything on the front page, simply because it’s easy and familiar. It’s cool for us, but also cool for Valve, as they get a nice cut of everything you buy.

EA also want that cut. So they made Origin, a cheap Steam knock-off. It’s worse, has less games on it, none of your friends have it, and Battlefield 3 is exclusive to it. This means that EA will get all the money if you buy it, as opposed to giving Valve a cut. But really, do I REALLY need to download Origin when I already have Steam? Just for one game? I have all my PC games on my Steam library. I don’t even buy PC games boxed anymore, I have everything on Steam. Having another application to play one game is just silly, and to be honest, stupid on the side of EA. They’re really trusting of the pull of this game if they think flocks of people will abandon Steam for it.

But I suppose I could always buy the game boxed.


  1. You need Origin even it you buy retail. Also Origin has Spyware

Oh just stop it.

Even if you buy Battlefield 3 retail, you’d be required to use Origin to sign in and play the game. This means that you can’t bypass getting the damn application even if you don’t buy the game through it – EA is going to make you use it whether you like it or not. On top of that, it’s recently surfaced that Origin has a lil’ bit of Spyware in it. Well, Battlefield 2142 had a little in it as well – they used it to determine which in-game billboards to show you (which worked rather well, I daresay). But this is different. This isn’t simply a small line of code that says “Jamie likes looking at the Sprite billboard, lets have more billboards show Sprite”, this is a few dozen lines of code that says “Let’s look at what you have on your computer. Oh that’s nice. Hey, how often do you use this program? Cool. Anyway, I’m gonna go sell all this information to a third party.”

Best thing? If you downloaded and installed Origin, you’re letting them do this. It’s in the EULA, you’ve effectively told them to sell your computer and application information to the highest bidder.

But personally? I’m not letting them do anything. I’m not even going to think about buying this game anymore. I suppose I could get it on console, but Battlefield is very much a PC game for me. It’d be like a life-long X-Box fan then buying Halo 4 on PC. Just doesn’t feel right. But what does feel right is that Uncharted 3 has quickly replaced Battlefield 3 in my “Top 3 Most Anticipated Games of the Year”. From the looks of things, I won’t be missing much.


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2 responses to “Jamie doesn’t want Battlefield 3!

  1. Very interesting topic, and it certainly blows to hear about that Origin crap. I guess there is one benefit for me being a console gamer and having a non-gaming PC, and that’s I can enjoy this beautiful game on Xbox Live without (or very few) hassles.

    I’ll have to admit I disagree with your opinion on BF3 being a visual-based game, but I also respect that perspective. This game is definitely on my ‘MUST BUY’ list this year, amongst Gears of War 3 and Skyrim.

    Great blog post, keep it up!

    • While I have no doubt that the game will be more than visuals, I’m struggling to see much in terms of improvements. I mean, the game will be fun, it’ll be damn fun, I can see that. But I can also see it being Battlefield 2/Bad Company 2 + Call of Duty graphics but better. But ah well, as long as people enjoy the game I suppose that’s what matters.


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