An Interview with DestinyBlue

Back at the London MCM May 2011 we were able to catch up and interview the great DestinyBlue who’s artwork we love.

Don’t forget you can also read this interview in Issue 3 found here!

Hello this is Joseph Kay reporting from the London Expo 2011. I’m here with Destiny blue who has kindly agreed to do an interview with us!

DestinyBlue: Morning all!

Joe: Thank you very much for taking the time out your day to do this interview with us! We just wanted to ask you a few questions, talking to you about your experiences and your work. For those of you who don’t know, Destiny is a big name on dA and is also big on the UK convention circuit. You’ve pretty much been everywhere haven’t you?

DestinyBlue: (laughter) Yes I’ve been doing it for a year and throughout that and last year I’ve been at every available convention. Almost every weekend I’ve been travelling around the country; over to Ireland a couple of times as well.

Joe: See that’s one of the best things the convention circuit you’ve travelled the country.

DestinyBlue: Yeah definitely its one of my favourite things! I love long train journeys so its great for that; just look out the window. I went up to Dundee a couple of months ago so I get to see a lot of the UK a lot of the cities that I wouldn’t normally explore. Get to see the sites hang out in the hostels that kinda thing.

Joe: Yeah we have stayed in a hostel ourselves and it was pretty good value for money (laughter) I wanted to ask what first got you into Manga and drawing artwork?

DestinyBlue: I suppose I first got into it a little through Final Fantasy. A friend lent me a copy of Final Fantasy 7 and this was about the time I first got connected to the internet. I Googled Final Fantasy and there was a little bit of artwork that people had drawn. It was in this style that had very big eyes, very cute, very bright and very stylized and instantly as soon as I saw the pictures and knew it was Animé I knew I loved it and was very drawn to its style. I started to copy the pictures and people told me that they looked like Animé and that looks like Mange and I was like Ooo what’s that? (laughter)

Joe: I guess that’s when it all took off?

DestinyBlue: Yeah and from then I started watching and reading Animé and Manga.

Joe: OK one thing I wanted to talk about. I presume you were in school when this kinda took off?

DestinyBlue: Yes I was about 13-14 at this time.

Joe: And I presume you took art?

DestinyBlue: I did! I took art as a GCSE actually!

Joe: Manga didn’t hit of with your teacher well I suspect?

DestinyBlue: Noo I had a very old school art teacher, she must have been reaching retirement as I was coming up to my GCSE’s and cartoons were not an art form to her. This was in any sense of the word let alone something so new and different from any cartoons she may had seen growing up.

Joe: As we know Manga has become so big all around the world its almost as its fighting against the older generation. With a lot of people not excepting it.

DestinyBlue: I definitely think in England the people who don’t really understand what it is there is some preconceptions about Animé and Manga. Epically from an art teachers point of view who haven’t watched any haven’t read any Manga. They see the images and a lot of the things that the general public might have seen are perhaps sexualized images of it, quite cute but on the verge. My parents who haven’t watched any Animé, haven’t read any Manga but who obviously via my involvement have seen a few things even have preconceptions of what it is and what it looks like.

Joe: Do you think it will ever truly be accepted as an art form?

DestinyBlue: I think they’re very few art forms which are truly accepted, you look at abstract and you go “that’s not art” but that’s not my thing. But its very stylized its very different and they’re always going to be people who say its not art.

Joe: Although we’re probably going to get to the point were the new generation become teachers and they’re going to take over the world with Mange and Animé.

DestinyBlue: (laughter) Definitely! In this job I meet a lot of young people who have started drawing recently and a lot of them have had a lot of constructive feedback from their art teachers they are a lot more acceptive then mine ever were.

Joe: Yeah its good to hear! You haven’t only worked on the UK circuit though you have also done work for the BBC I believe?

DestinyBlue: I have done some work for the BBC! They have an event called the BBC Blast where they teach sixteen to nineteen year old teenagers through workshops. One of the workshops I helped out with was the Animé and Manga drawing. They had big pieces paper, water colours, pro-marker’s and they got to sit down and go through the steps of how to draw Animé, some of them had done it before some of them had never picked up a pencil before.

Joe: Its a great way of introducing new people! How did you get approached for the project?

DestinyBlue: Well I actually approached them you have to be active if you want to get anywhere. Very few people actually approached, it happens; the people who get very popular will be noticed but you essentially have to make you own arrangements. I approached them to do some work experience and you have to do things like that. Although from that it means I can add it to my CV that I have worked for the BBC and have done an intern ship with them and it was great I got to teach young people.

Joe: There must have been something quite daunting about working for such a big company such as the BBC?

DestinyBlue: There was epically as I did two weeks in their offices before hand planning and preparing by drumming up interest online through lots of different websites. So that was daunting walking into the BBC offices with my bright blue hair (laughter) but apparently it didn’t count against me they said.

Joe: It shows character!

DestinyBlue: (laughter) Yeah definitely I definitely got a persona there! It was a little daunting but it shows that a company like that is willing to uptake it then its a good thing, definitely a positive thing.

Joe: I just wanted to finish up really by asking if there is any advice you got give to anyone trying to get to your position? Trying to make it onto the convention circuit get further with their art? Just everything in general really everything that you are today!

DestinyBlue: (laughter) Well I hope to be more tomorrow! Essentially if your art is good (laughter) that sounds really bad but basically you have to love the product that your putting out there. You have to enjoy drawing it and that really comes through. So the more you practice the better you’ll get and eventually you will get to a stage where people will want to buy into your work and want your things on their wall, and companies will want your artwork show casing their products. People look at artwork and go “I can never draw like this” and I don’t class myself as the best ever but its not magic I wasn’t born with this skill its literally hard work. Most days everyday I have the itch and I draw.

I didn’t use to get so much of an itch but you have to practice and you have to do what you are not good at like hands, draw a lot of hands, and you will get better! If you practice and draw everyday you’ll get better and you’ll eventually become good and once you are at a level in which you think you would like to show case your stuff start emailing conventions. Conventions in the UK are brilliant they’re very receptive to artiest showing their stuff a lot of them have artists alleys. Just drop by their websites grab their email and email them and you’ll probably get a reply back if not email them again! (laughter) Let them know your out there get a few prints off, do a few conventions and hopefully people will be interested in your things and you’ll get to the wonderful position that I’m in (laughter). So good luck guys!

Joe: Thank you very much Destiny! If you want to see more of Destiny she’s on dA under!

DestinyBlue: DestinyBlue

Thanks again Destiny thanks for joining as!

DestinyBlue: Byeeeee

Don’t forget to check out more of DestinyBlue’s work over at her DA page here!
Check out Issue 3 here!
And join us on the forum here!


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