Yatta! DeviantART Group goes public!

It’s finally here! =D

Today we are happy to release that our DeviantArt group is now going public!

After taking some time to get things up and running, submit some artwork and making sure settings are all good we are now happy to start publicly sharing the link to the group and get YOU in as a member!

The idea behind the DA group is to allow artist or any style or media to come together and share there artwork. DA is a great platform for sharing artwork as it is but with the addation of groups things just got better. The Yatta! group however, takes things further.

As we continue to grow we want to be able to allow our community a way of staying together and sharing their work. To allow for feedback, tips and more the Yatta! team themselfs will take an acting role in the group and support fellow artist the best we can. We will also run contests and other events to get the artist of Portsmouth and other local areas together! There may even be meet ups, who knows.

So, if your an artist and want to share your work with the Yatta! community and get to know some great artist in your local area, come and join the the group now! It’s open to anyone!

Check the group out here!

See you on the group!

~ Yatta! ~

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