Deus Ex: Human Revolution, a sneak preview by Kitty!

The Deus Ex games have been around since 2000, a total of 11 years this year! The brilliant game combined first person shooter type game play with elements of role playing, making it a favourite among many PC gamers.

The ability to customise your character (who had a few limited choices of customisation of the looks at the beginning of the day) with ‘Augmentation canisters’ so you could learn unique awesome abilities, plus the opportunity to either sneak round your enemies or go in all guns blazing made this a cult game among many.

11 years after the original, the third game in the series (if you are part of the fandom, you will know why I have not covered Invisible War. If you aren’t, then don’t worry, you are not missing much, big disappointment), a ‘prequel’ to the original, Human Revolution is set to be released in late August. Fans of the series have been waiting for this since the horror of Invisible War came out, waiting and praying it will live up to the 8 year expectations!

Having been pushing back the release date since last year, Square and Eidos have finally confirmed the dates, but I am not here to talk about that. Earlier this year, a leak was ‘accidently’ let out onto the internet. There has been speculation that this short bit of game play was leaked on purpose so the developers and publishers could get feed back pre-game from the public, and (hopefully) improve any bugs us sneaky internet users found while playing it!

Having played through the game a little, I must say, I am impressed. The graphics are stunning, the characters believable, the movement in game wonderful (once you have set your settings correctly 😉 ) and the fighting similar to the original. In the beginning ‘tutorial’ style part of the game, you get to learn a bit about what is going on in the world of HR. After a while, you will enter the opportunity to fight it out with terrorists, where you get your first real taste of battle!

The fighting harks back to the original idea of FPS, the ability to sneak round walls and crouch behind islands inside labs to avoid your enemies or take them out without them seeing you. Bear in mind this beginning bit, I would class as a ‘Tutorial’ (like in the original where you had a choice to do it or not, here you don’t get a choice but I think that’s okay, especially for those who haven’t played the original, it lets you get used to the controls a bit)

During the fighting, there is an unfortunate incident where the character you play (Mister Adam Jensen) has to undertake a dramatic change in his being. He becomes Augementated. Now things get fun.

Your first proper mission is to take out a terrorist organisation and recover a stolen item within a lab that belongs to the company you work with. After walking around the HQ (which is explorable so please do look around before heading straight where you need to and talk to people!) and being told your mission, you will be whisked away by helicopter to your missions locations. Don’t get distracted like me and the beau did with the remote controlled explosive ‘packets’ (they look like packets of crisps). I do suggest you try throwing them at people and seeing what happens a couple of times though 😉

During the flight will get the opportunity to choose whether you want to do the mission with force or merely disable your foes (whether you kill them or just knock them out). This choice will decide which weapon will become available to you and offered to you for the mission(though you will get other weapons as well during the mission any ways). For example, choose the sneaky lethal route and you will probably get a sniper. Choose the disabling route, you will get a stun gun.

As per usual in Deus Ex, you can choose whether to go in guns blazing or sneak! At this moment in time you have limited augmentations, you can’t upgrade them, so don’t worry about it right now. If you do choose the sneaky route, I suggest looking UP. Boxes can be climbed. Things can be hid behind. Always check how many doors are in a room. When you enter a particularly full room of terrorist, don’t accidently stun one of them in full view of his buddy if you do not wish to get owned in the face by said room full of terrorist.

I only play the sneaky non fatal way if I can help it, so I cannot give you that much insight on the full on IMGOINGTOKILLEVERYONEPOINTBLANKINTHEFAYCE route. But I assume you must always check your ammo and your health and take dodging and places to dive behind in consideration unless you want to die.

What strikes me as particular fun is when Adam goes into third person view (the game is set as first person) This is often when you are ‘stuck’, as I like to call it, to a wall or lab island, or, when you sneak up behind someone and perform a melee attack (which are awesome despite the early on groans of this feature. Its actually quite cool). If you do like the sneaky route, there is hacking (YAY) and I suggest you USE IT. Hacking cameras off is very much harking back to the first game and you can feel a little bit of the love you had for the original, that might of been eradicated due to IW, seeping back into your bones.

I don’t want to give too much away so I wont say much more, but just conclude. I LOVED this unofficial demo. It has the feel of the original Deus Ex with gorgeous graphics and the feel of a whole new adventure all mixed into one. I am truly looking forward to the game coming out in the future and hope to purchase it some time!

One more note before I go, I would say BUY IT ON PC, PLEASE I IMPLORE YOU. I am sure it will do well on consoles, but if you truly want the feel of a proper Deus Ex game PLAY IT ON THE PC, with key board and mouse, just like it was suppose to be!

I give this demo a 9/10 (the beginning tutorial bit was a bit linear)

~ Kitty (>^^)> ~

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One response to “Deus Ex: Human Revolution, a sneak preview by Kitty!

  1. Also worth noting that developers have really listened to fan feedback. So glad I can turn off the yellow glow – really seemed to be an immersion killer, that

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