Yatta! Donates to the Red Cross!

As you all know, we held our last event on July 15th as a fundraiser to try and help raise money for Japan. The event went down a success even if with a small turn out and we were able to raise a great amount of money!

We wanted to thank each and every one of you for your support and help with both the event and raising money for Japan!

To do so, we made a video!

Once again a big thank you to everyone for their help!

However, we are still trying to raise money! Remember our ‘Rising Sun, Help Japan Fundraiser’ T-shirts?

Well we are still selling them over at eBay with 50% of the sale going off to help Japan. We ask that you all have a look and think about ordering one, as they are a limited run and are going to help people in Japan.

You can find them over at our eBay page here!

Once again a big thank you to all of you for your help and support!

Don’t forget to check out our Youtube page, as more videos will go up with our media release on August 5th!

All the best!

~ Yatta! ~


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