July Update and Issue 3 Preview!

Hello everyone.

It’s been a busy time for Yatta! in the past few weeks and things don’t slow down here, oh no. Yatta! is moving forward faster then ever we a lot happening in the coming weeks.

First off a big thank you too everyone who came to the event, was support awesome! We also wish to thank you for the good feedback we got on our keynote about our plans for the coming weeks. For those of you who were not there, allow me to explain.

Issue 3 is on it’s way!

That’s right! Issue 3 is nearly finished and going to be bigger and better then ever before. We are looking at more then 30 pages of content and a whole line up of super awesome interviews and more! To top of that we have a preview of issue 3 out now!

That’s right, you can get a peak and what issue 3 will look like right now!

To do so, head on over to our issuu account to read the preview and all our past issues. Which takes us to our next note.

Issue 3 will be online! That’s right, Yatta! is moving online with the next release and issue 3 will be release on the same website. For that reason, please go and check out issuu.com and let us know what you think about the product. We really want to know if you all like it or not.

Lastly, allow me to point out some other great news! You can still buy one of our T-shirts to help raise money for Japan over at ebay!

The next great thing is that Yatta! is starting a host of new projects inculding a YouTube channel, a DeviantArt group, a forum and much more in the coming weeks along side issue 3. The question is, when is it all happening?

That’s simple….

August 5th is the date that all these great things will happen!

More updates will be released about each of these great things within the next three weeks. For more check out our many websites…



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