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Here at Yatta! we enjoy a wide range of shows be it anime or live action. Lately however there is one which has been a running success. Heard of it? maybe you have. Team member ‘Top Hat’ Joe explains…

Hello fair sir’s and madams

Today I’m going to give a brief view on the my little pony : friendship is magic phenomenon that is sweeping the internet this very moment.

“Note. I consider myself a bronie and have created a few art pieces and watched the show. The following document is not designed in anyway to be offensive to bronies”

The newest iteration of my little pony has been created by Lauren faust, an animator who worked on such shows as the powerpuff girls and Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends. Her talent shows with smooth animation and appealing visuals.

Whilst this show would not usually be of much note beyond its child fan base, It has swept the internet and beyond with its adorable visuals and intelligent story’s. It now has a large fanbase consisting heavily of 18+ males called “Bronies”. To those not in the know, this would seem abnormal and perhaps a little creepy due to a large amount of adult males watching a show aimed at children. However, there are many reasons that this show has become popular and earned the fan base that is flaunts to this day.

  • The art style : The art style is incredibly appealing with simple and clean colors and smooth animation, the entire look of the show is beautiful. Each one of the characters is easily definable by their hair, color and even shape. It was once said (By whom I forget) that a visually strong character should be recognizable by their silhouette.

  • You should have little trouble matching up the characters because they are so well defined and distinguishable.

  • The Animation: The animation style that My little pony uses is frequently over the top and silly but at the same time, keeps smooth and believable. The artists are clearly talented as they pay attention to the smallest details such as the background characters, buildings and environment so they look well animated but at the same time do not detract focus from the main cast. The animation also works really well with the voices and the visuals, keeping all of the aesthetics consistent and gorgeous.
  • The vocal cast: All of the voices in the show are very powerful, conveying the most subtle of emotions such as slight disappointment or anticipation, right up to the powerful emotions such as anger or sorrow. Each pony’s voice is easily unique and, as with the silhouettes, can be easily told apart. A fine example of the voice acting in the show would be when the pony “Rarity” begins to whine at a predicament she finds herself in.

    At the beginning of this video, Rarity is using her normal voice which is heavily British and ladylike. However, when she decides to whine, the voice changes into that of a bratty child throwing a tantrum. The switch happens instantaneously and whilst the two voices sound completely different, you can still tell its the same character. The whole voice cast for the show is similarly brilliant and works well with the visuals of the charters.
  • The story’s: The story’s the show tells with each episode are kept mostly separate so people can watch the show without having to have seen many previous episodes. The story’s each work really well, covering an important life lesson that is surmised at the end with twilight sparkle writing to the princess about what she has learned about friendship. This manages to teach the children important life lessons that will help them. However, even with this child-centric focus on lessons, the show does not focus on them too heavily and also manages not to be condescending to the children or adults that watch. The lessons rarely feel like they intrude on the story and instead feel like something drawn from it. This really helps the show become more enjoyable as the viewer can just focus on whats happening without having a message shoved in their face every couple of seconds.
  • The “meme-ability”: This show attracted a large amount of attention on the popular image board “4/chan” upon its release, with people posting funny images they made from stills of the show. These images became very popular and people started to draw their own, making the art style more and more defined. Eventually, the show became widely popular across the internet and a meme was born. Soon fan-fictions and fan art started appearing and the widely diverse appeal of this show was shown. Due to its relativity simple but expressive art style, artists across the internet (Myself included) have found allot of fun just drawing pony’s in situations that we want them in. Also, because of how well the story and setting have been defined, fan fiction is also very popular with a wide array of story’s appearing across the internet.

These elements have made the show very popular with young girls but also more importantly, with adult males as well. Due to the show being as well crafted and non condescending as it is, Bronies across the board have found the show to be very entertaining and well worth a watch.

So if you are like I was and a little hesitant to watch the show, Don’t be. Go and watch a few of the shows and if you enjoy it enough, perhaps get involved with the community. There are many sites that showcase fan art and story’s that come from across the internet such as Equestria daily and Ponygoons. If you wish to watch some of the episodes, the whole series can be watched on YouTube which strangely enough allows all of the full episodes to be shown on without any copyright complaints.

So what are your thoughts on the new My little pony show. Have you watched it? if so, why do you watch it and if not, why? Comment on below and I look forward to your comments.

Thank you kindly for reading fellow gentlefolk, And have a pleasant evening. Oh, and one last thing…

Don’t forget to check out Joe’s blog for more here!


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