Wii U – First Impressions (Nintendo are trolls)

The gaming industry got a shock a few weeks back with Nintendo releasing the details on it’s new console. We here at Yatta! really can’t make up minds up with if we like it or not.

This was until our team member Michael Rood, took the time to write up his impressions which we must say, is kind of how we feel.

I have nothing against Nintendo’s new console, let me make that plain and clear. I appreciate the fact that Nintendo are at last returning to the main stream of console gaming, and trying to take their place amongst the major players. It’s been some time since we’ve seen this, looking back on the days of multi-platform games and the success of the GameCube.

The graphical capabilities of the Wii U cannot be disputed, as it seems Nintendo have finally caught on to what will be the future of console gaming. On top of epic graphics we can expect some modern renditions of classic Nintendo titles, such as Zelda and Mario, as well as successful recent titles such as Batman Arkham City and Ninja Gaiden. The only unfortunate point to make there is that games like these will not be released on the Wii U until at least a year after every other platform. But for the devoted, this won’t be an issue.

Next, let us discuss the controller. At first when I saw the Wii U’s new controller, I was hesitant to accept it. I have no problem with new technologies and the positive effect they have on our gaming, but this one really riles me. Firstly, it’s huge, there’s no denying it. It’s far bigger than a generic controller, though this is for some very good reasons. One annoying fact however, is that only one Wii U controller can be used per Wii U. I understand that the Wii U uses some very sophisticated technology, so it’s understandable that it can only support so much at a time. On the positive side though, as many Wiimotes as possible can be used alongside the Wii U controller.

The controller itself consists of two control sticks, a d-pad on the left, and numbers and letters on the right. The controller is also entirely wireless like the Wiimotes and weighs very little. It’s crowning achievement of course is the 6.2 inch touch-screen in the centre. I approve of touch-screen technology, and like the fact that the screen has the potential to incorporate the image presented on the television. This way, if someone wants to use the TV, you can simply switch out the image. It’s like a giant DS. The controller even includes a stylus.

I like what they’ve done to an extent, but to me this seems unnecessary and inconvenient, as what many of us hoped for at E3 was a pure-bred gaming experience the likes of which we have been deprived of for a good nine years, since the days of the Nintendo GameCube.

Admittedly, the inclusion of a touch screen allows for untapped potential in the gaming experience. If this feature can be successfully integrated in some major titles, Nintendo could see a bright future ahead of them reminiscent of the old days. Some, including myself, would see the inclusion of this new feature as yet another gimmick we find ourselves forced to endure. This could lead me into a vicious tirade about the Xbox 360 Kinect and the PlayStation Move, but we’ll leave that for another time. For now, I will simply leave you with this thought.

These features have been integrated into gaming in the past and have been met with mediocre success. Nintendo have always been pioneers for making new features work that others considered to be nothing more than gimmicks. If Nintendo can keep up this tradition of excellence, we could be looking at a new era for gaming emerging on the horizon.

Michael Rood ~ Yatta

For more check out Michael’s blog!


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