We’re Back! ~ Event Update!

Hello once again everyone. It’s been a busy two weeks for us here on the Yatta! team we us all finishing off exams and other projects. However things are back in order and we have a lot of news, updates and posts too come over the next few weeks.

First off, sorry about the time away, we missed you!

Now on to the update about our July 15th event, which is set to be epic, and the news that we have some great things happening at the event.

  • We have 90 tickets this time around to offer out!
  • We have a range of artist coming to the event selling work
  • We will have a special guest!
  • Parkour Foundations will be at the event!
  • We will be having Rock Band and Pokemon again!
  • Cake sales and much more!

…To attend the event your need a ticket and to order one head over to our Facebook for details here!.

One other big update is that the event is now becoming a Fundraiser for Japan to help those still in need of a hand overseas. In order to do this we will be offering a range of fun and games, giveaways, contents and more! The main method is that we are selling T-Shirts!

For more details on the event and further updates check out our Facebook page and our Twitter!

Keep coming back for more and don’t forget to follow our Twitter for the most up to date news from Yatta!

Take it easy!

~ Yatta! ~


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