E3 2011 – EA Keynote

Continueing with the late E3 coverage is Jamie once again with a short post on the EA press conference.

I plan on keeping the Developer conferences short. They’re not as dramatic as the Console Maker’s conferences, but are still worth talking about.

Well, EA. Once thought to be the big bad of developers, but now seem like fairly nice guys. And they continued that with their conference. We saw new stuff on Mass Effect 3, SFX, Fifa and Battlefield 3, as well as seeing reveals for a Need for Speed Game which features on-foot gameplay, and two new IPs. The first, “Reckoning”, seems like what Fable should have become, a huge multi-hour fantasy kill-a-thon. The second, Overstrike, is the latest project from usually PS3 faithful but now expanding to 360 developers Insomniac. This seems to be a cool spy-action title, and is definitely worth looking at.

The only downside of the conference for me was the amount of time spent on sport titles, and the reveal of Sims Social, a game combining The Sims and Facebook. Overall, a good conference. Some great new titles, some awesome footage of upcoming games, and as a Battlefield fanboy, I can’t help but just adore the last ten minutes of the show.

If EA are the devil, then pass me some blow and lemme score a hooker. Hell is where I belong.

Conference Score


~ Jamie ~

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