Yatta! Update 8th June 2011

Hello everyone, sorry about the lack of updates lately. In fact, this is what we are covering in this post.

We are sorry to say that there will be a lack of content for about a week’s time due to the team being busy with College and Uni work. Exams take a bit of a key focus sadly…

For this reason, are London EXPO coverage, E3 coverage and much more are going to be posted much later then planned. We are sorry about this but we hope you understand the reasons why.

Never fear however, Issue 3 and the July event are still on track to be great! As soon as we all finish our exams we will get as many updates out as we can to ensure you are up to date with what is going on. We have a lot to share!

For now my friends, take care.

~ Yatta! ~


2 responses to “Yatta! Update 8th June 2011

  1. By the By, Yatta Guys, I did a load of E3 coverage on my personal blog http://mcerson.wordpress.com/

    Nothin’ fancy except for Ninty, but you can use that stuff if you’re too busy to write your own atm.
    And yes, I did do all this and didn’t do a soapbox. Bite me. I’ll put one up tomorrow


    • That is some great news and thanks for that!

      However, we currently have a member of the team working on the E3 write up which should be up in a day or so. If not, we would be grateful for the use of yours.


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