Yatta! at London EXPO ~ Come find us!

Sorry for the delay on posts, we have been busy getting ready for all the interviews we have planned for the London EXPO this weekend! However, we have great news…

Do you want to meet some of the Yatta! team members? want to get some free gifts? want to be interviewed by the team? Then come to the London EXPO this Sunday 29th and come hunt us down!

Yatta! will be at the expo all weekend getting photos, videos and interviews but on Sunday a fair few members of the team will be there together and one of them, our editor Nik, will be wearing the first Yatta! shirt!

To mix things up a bit we want to give you all a bit of a task and that’s to come and find us! There will be rewards, don’t worry, but the simple task is to find Nik wearing the Yatta! logo and say to him ‘I’m a Yatta! fan!’ and boom, you have won!

We will be giving pocky to everyone who finds us as well as giving you the option to join in with some pictures, videos and even some fun and games but only if you find us and say that line!

oh, and if your cosplaying we may find you!

As soon as we get back from the EXPO we will be posting a lot of content and updates will continue as normal as we work on Issue 3 and the July event. For now however, we hope to see you at the EXPO!

Take it easy everyone, and see you Sunday!

~ Yatta! ~


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