A few days ago it was that time of the year again, euro-vision! One of our readers, Mysti-Chan has gone ahead and done a full write up of the event which is very good. One thing however, it’s rather long, but this only helps to the enjoyment of reading it.

Now, as always, it’s over to the writer. Take it away Mysti!

Well, this is my first review ever, so I thought I’d do it on one of my favourite events – Eurovision! I know a lot of people think it’s kind of rubbish, but really it’s great, whether you watch for the songs, to support your country or just to laugh at some of the really strange performances!

So yes, this year’s Eurovision was held in Dusseldorf, in Germany, on 14th May, after Germany won last year with ‘Satellite’ performed by Lena [full name Lena Meyer Landrut]. I didn’t like that song to begin with but after a while I ended up liking it. The studio version sounds better, obviously. It takes a while to get used to her strange way of singing ^^;; If you want to see, here’s a link:

If you just want to see the results, skip to the bottom, I put a line so you can spot it easily. I’d appreciate it if you read the whole thing though, I know it’s a bit long, sorry ^^;;

1. Finland
Finland’s song ‘Da Da Dum’ was sung by Paradise Oskar. It was a sweet idea for a song, and fairly cheerful-sounding, but I didn’t like it a great deal personally. It tells the story of a boy called Peter trying to raise awareness of the danger the planet is in and such. If you like more simplistic songs with a nice melody it should be good for you =3

2. Bosnia & Herzegovina
Bosnia & Herzegovina’s song was ‘Love in Rewind’ sung by [not sure whether this refers to the main singer or the band] Dino Merlin. It’s quite upbeat, and I thought it sounded a bit like an Abba song at first [which it kind of does I guess ^^;;] but I did like it. One of those songs you end up bobbing up and down to XD I felt it should have sped up towards the end, me and the friend I was watching it with agreed that songs like that normally do, but it was still a good song without it.

3. Denmark
‘New Tomorrow’ was sung by a band called A Friend in London. They kind of focused on the theme of coming together too, which seems to be a fairly popular idea for songs in Eurovision, obviously. My friend thought it sounded like the Foo Fighters or Green Day, but it really didn’t, apart from maybe the marching beat on the drums. Personally, I thought it sounded more like Take That XD so if you like them, maybe give the song a listen =3

4. Lithuania
Evelina Sasenko sung ‘C’est Ma Vie (It’s My Life)’ for Lithuania. She had a lovely voice, but I think it was a bit too ‘epic’ [not in the sense of awesome, I mean like dramatic in this case ^^;;]. The piano playing reminded me of Muse at some points ^^;

5. Hungary
Hungary’s Kati Wolf sung ‘What About My Dreams’, which was a very dance/pop tune, I thought it’d do better than it did in all honest. Not that this has any relevance but I loved the colour of her dress XD

6. Ireland
Well, Jedward, where can I start? Yes, they really did sing for Ireland. And did pretty well actually, they overtook us if I’m not mistaken ^^;; Was expecting a slight abomination as I’m not generally a big fan of them but it actually worked pretty well, a good song for Eurovision, very catchy. Not quite sure what was with those strange shoulder pads, but yeah, an interesting performance =3

7. Sweden
Sweden’s song, ‘Popular’ was sung by ex-childrens’ tv presenter and boyband member, Eric Saade. Another catchy song, I quite liked this one too. Strange alien noises at the beginning made me laugh though XD but yeah, it was good, might even fit in fairly well on a normal chart show thing, don’t know. Give it a listen if you’re curious XP

8. Estonia
Getter Jaani sung ‘Rockefeller Street’ for Estonia. Not sure why there is a London Eye in the background that it supposed to be America, but oh well. Not a bad song over all, though somewhat bemused as to why she sings ‘1, 2, 7, 3’ [my friend considered it may be because the song is about surreal surroundings and such]. We both thought the song may have sounded better with a different singer, but what do you guys think?

9. Greece
‘Watch My Dance’ was sung by Louas Yiorkas, featuring Stereo Mike. I actually really liked this song, the strange beat made it sound a bit creepy, like a summoning, but that was cool in it’s own way. And it sounds very powerful too. The rapping wrecked it a fair bit, but if you ignore that and focus on the chorus, it’s amazing.

10. Russia
For Russia, Alexey Vorobyov sung ‘Get You’. This sounded a bit too much like a boy band for me, very poppish, despite the leather jackets [watch the guy with long hair dancing as well, it’s quite amusing ^^:;] not really my sort of thing, but it was alright I suppose ^^;;

11. France
Amaury Vassili sung a song called ‘Sognu (Dream)’ in Corsican. Kind of operatic-sounding, not sure it was the right sort of song for the Eurovision, but he has a good voice [and as anyone who watches Hetalia may notice, the style of his hair is like France’s! XD]

12. Italy
Ah, another of my favourites, a little jazzy number with well played piano and trumpets. Raphael Gulazzi has a nice voice too. I really liked ‘Madness of Love’. It was also well thought out to have the trumpets at the same time as Raphael was kind of crying out/singing, it worked really well. I’m glad they came second [oh, sorry, spoilers XD]

13. Switzerland
Anna Rossinelli sang ‘In Love For A While’, with her boyfriend accompanying her as the bass player, which was quite sweet. A nice song for a summer’s day, all cheerful and sing-songy. The background was adorable too ^^

14. United Kingdom
Well, we did better than usual with ‘I Can’ sung by Blue. It wasn’t a bad song, and at one point we were even in front! Not for long admittedly, but it’s an achievement XD I didn’t like it myself, but it was alright =3

15. Moldova
Quite possibly the most talked about song from this year, was so crazy XD ‘So Lucky’ by Zdob ni Zdub, included a band mostly in very tall painty hats, lots of trumet-playing, and a fairy/ballerina on a unicycle with what some of the comments on YouTube thought was a vuvuzela. Who knows? Not sure she ever actually played it XD Makes sure to listen until the strobe lights and trumpets really kick in, that’s the best part. Awesome song X3

16. Germany
Lena came back this year to sing Germany’s entry again. I wasn’t sure that was particularly fair in a way, but she didn’t do terribly well anyway ^^;; it was an alright song though, better than last year’s in my opinion. Though possibly too calculated, too sophisticated. But not bad =3

17. Romania
‘Change’ was sung by Hotel FM. This was kind of jazzy too, the piano in this. Sounded like another artist but can’t remember who ^^;; it was upbeat and motivating, but not really a song for me. It wasn’t too bad though.

18. Austria
Wow, Nadine Beiler’s voice in ‘The Secret is Love’ was amazing, very powerful. She sounded a bit like Christina Aguilera in some parts, that kind of powerful. The song itself made me think of an X Factor final, which it seemed it would fit more in, it was a bit too dramatic for Eurovision, although it was lovely.

19. Azerbaijan
‘Running Scared’ was sung by Ell and Nikki. It was an alright song, fairly pretty, but I don’t know, it just seemed kind of boring for a Eurovision? Some people liked it a lot though so I guess it all depends on taste =3

20. Slovenia
Maja Keuc sung ‘No-One’ for Slovenia. She sounded a bit like Christina Aguilera as well. It was a pretty good song, and she had a good voice, but I don’t think it did that well in the end which was kind of a shame.

21. Iceland
‘Coming Home’ was originally going to be sung by Sjonni Brink, but he unfortunately passed away not long before the competition. However, his wife gathered together a group of his friends and together they performed his song, reaching the finals. It’s such a lovely sentiment, and it was a really nice song as well, sung successfully considering the band weren’t the original singers =3

22. Spain
Spain’s song was ‘Que me quiten lo bailoo’ sung by Lucia Perez. An extremely cheery and happy song, very summery. I didn’t like it a great deal, but it was well performed, even though it kind of sounded a bit more Jamaican than Spanish ^^;

23. Ukraine
Mika Newton sung ‘Angel’, accompanied by some amazing sand art in the background by the winner of Ukraine’s Got Talent or something. I loved the sand art, but wasn’t a big fan of the song. She did sing it nicely though =3

24. Serbia
I didn’t like this song at first [don’t particularly like typical 60s type songs ^^;;] and was disappointed with this song of Serbia’s but after listening to this one a few times it is quite ‘Magical’ [or ‘Caroban’, as it is in Serbian]. Nina sings it well in Serbian and in English [there’s both versions on YouTube]. It’s a happy song, quite cute really ^^

25. Georgia
‘One More Day’ was sung by Eldrine. I actually quite liked this, it was a change from the more poppish Eurovision songs this year, a bit more rocky, worked well ^^ I don’t think it did that greatly though…maybe it was cause of the rapping [again, it just didn’t work ^^;;]


Well, those are my separate country reviews, now for the results of the top three! [if you didn’t know already XD]

1st – Azerbaijan
2nd – Italy
3rd – Sweden

So yes! I would have prefered Italy to win personally, or even Ireland, so it’d be there next year so I could go see it live, but oh well =/
Here’s a link to Azerbaijan’s winning song:

Hope my review was okay, leave comments if you want ^^

❤ Mysti


2 responses to “Eurovision

  1. Lena is the winner every year. In my heart.

    She painted her toe nates for me! How can I say no to her

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