Japan Tsunami Appeal ~ Yatta’s turn to help!

As you all know, on March 11 2011 a massive earthquake and tsunami hit Japan cauing widespread destruction and suffering.

Almost 28,000 people have been reported dead or missing and many tens of thousands more now live in evacuation centres. A huge effort has been made by people all across the world to help Japan any way it can. Be it through aid, donations or just showing support.

It’s been over two months now from the event, and Japan is still in need of help. Today, Yatta! is going to do everything it can to help Japan, and we want your help!

For us here at Yatta! Japan holds a place close to our hearts. It’s a place were some of our greatest loves have come from. Music, Manga, Anime, Films etc, there is just so much. However, the main reason isn’t to do with an object or such, it’s to do with the people. Japan and it’s people are the love and joy of us here at Yatta and we hope, many of you as well.

What happened on March 11 was something that no one could have seen coming, and the past can’t be changed. This is why it’s so important we help and act now, in this time to ensure that Japan can rebuild and grow back to what it was within the coming years. Many life’s were lost, buildings ruined and the whole of Japan have been affected.

But Japan is not alone and the world as shown this by all the support that has been shown to date. The Red Cross has been a huge help and big names have shown there support including bands such as My Chemical Romance with their song and support efforts.

Now it’s Yatta’s time to make a big push with our own appeal for help, and we want you to join in!

We here at Yatta! are holding our next event on July 15th and we want to be able to create a video to show to the world that young people of Portsmouth are showing support for Japan. What we want to ask is that you, our readers, do what you can and show your support in any way you can. We have already had fans make some art work, posters and just giving as much as they can to the Red Cross to help out.

Our goal is to make a collection of all the content, be it artwork, videos, posts, a list of people showing support and much more, and be able to post this on the net to show support. We will do this by collecting all the content and putting it in a video which we will show at the July event. If you want to get included with this project, then please do! Remember that we are asking you all to help with this not for us, but for Japan and it’s people! There are many ways you can get included, here are some ideas…

  • Head over to the Red Cross and donate as much as you can, then email us saying you donated along with your name to be added to our support list.
  • Take an image of you holding the Japan flag or an image of it, and post it to our Facebook page.
  • Make a short video showing your support and link us to it by posting to the Yatta! Facebook page.
  • Create some artwork show share it with us
  • Whatever you want! There is no limit to how you can show your support, so be creative!

Whatever you do too show your support, make sure to let us know so that we can collect it all together and create the final video. We will also have some fund raising ideas for the July 15th event to help add more to this appeal.

Remember, this is to help the people of Japan and show that young people in Portsmouth care. Let’s all get together and help Japan!

Thank you all so much. Not just for your time to read this appeal, but thank you for any support you show to Japan. It means a lot to us here at Yatta! and will surely mean a lot to the people of Japan.

Let’s work together to rebuild Japan!

All the best and thank you.

~ Yatta! ~


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