‘Skindred’ Gig April 27th 2011 ~ Review

Keeping to the theme of music this week, we have yet more gig review from our new team member Michael Rood. He was able to get down to the Skindred gig that took place last week and he has got a sweet write up for us.

So, as they say, on with the show!

Admittedly, there wasn’t anything special about the initial atmosphere surrounding the gig. There is much I could say about the Wedgewood Rooms and none of it negative. It’s a great place, a memorable building with a great social following. The security outside and inside was top notch and the bar staff were friendly and expedient. When it came down to the musical choice for the interludes, I can honestly say that they chose well. Instead of the normal flourish of Rock and Metal, they threw in some Dance, a bit of Prog and it all fit together rather well.

When it came to the supporting acts, I’ll be honest, I was a bit disappointed. The first act, Me vs. Hero was a standard sort of Punk-Pop that didn’t inspire the audience before them. They were the first to be open of their shortcomings, admitting to being the softest act on the tour, but they played with passion and dedication that I can truly say I admired because, let’s be honest, it takes some serious balls to go up on stage and perform even though you are aware that everyone standing before you hates the earth you walk upon.

The second act, Chiodos admittedly wasn’t too terrible. They had their moments, which I believed sounded similar to London-based metallers Rise to Remain (fronted by Iron Maiden frontman Bruce Dickinson’s son, Austin no less), and can truly say that, though I wasn’t bowing my head in admiration, I could stand to listen to and could consider buying their studio stuff. Again, the audience wasn’t overly taken by this act, considering their blend of metalcore and screamo came across as bearable, but again, not overly popular to the audience standing before them.

And then we come to the main event, Welsh Heavy Rockers Skindred took to the stage, beckoned by a deafening roar of tumultuous admiration from a smitten audience. Skindred play a fusion of Hard Rock and Metal, with heavy influences of Reggae, Club and Dance. Despite the shortcomings of the latter genres to the audiences of their main focus, Skindred dominate. I can honestly say that I have never seen a man who can command such a presence over his audience like their main man, Benji Webbe.

He had that audience in the palm of his hand, delivering a humbled, theatrical performance with staggering vocals and an amazing stage presence. the former two acts had been a big disappointment, but when Skindred walked out on stage, the dead atmosphere, caused by the less-than entertaining supporting acts lifted, and a veil of excitement descended upon us. They opened with some of their older material, and then entered with some of their newer songs that had the crowd jumping, dancing and screaming for more. Predictably many people were singing along and headbanging the night away, myself included (kills your neck for two days, but totally worth it) and revelling in the extreme sound of their powerful heavy fusion (leaves you deaf for two days too, but again, completely worth it).

Benji is also quite the entertainer, announcing that he was thinking about singing this little song of theirs, called Nobody, but decided against it. But a few boos later, and a playful, theatrical hissy fit from Benji and we have arguably their most famous song blaring at us like a message from God. Even after that they weren’t finished. We chanted, and they answered, and Benji, adorned in full pilot gear (a nod to their song, Stand for Something) and we have the song of the same name being thrown at us with a renewed vigour.

But our time was at an end, and Skindred decided to leave with grace, ending the show with one of their latest and greatest, a recent song, recorded first with Pap Roach frontman, Jacoby Shaddix. Benji called a friend of his to the stage, a burly chap with some epic corn-rows, and we were sent off with the song, Warning, which I would say was the perfect end to a truly epic night.

If you’ve never heard of Skindred, I would suggest giving them a listen because they combine so many different elements, that they appeal to a wide variety of audiences, and also appeal to both genders in force, which is rare. They get a stamp of approval from me, so go listen to them, as they support the kind of things we need in life, such as freedom, joy and the will to keep living no matter the odds.

Michael Rood for Yatta!

For more check out their website and Facebook!


One response to “‘Skindred’ Gig April 27th 2011 ~ Review

  1. Love Skindred and I’m more into the latter music genres, still a rocker girl at heart.

    I think they’ve hit a new niche that many people pass up, mixing so many music genres together and making it work.

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