‘We Are the Ocean’ April 23rd 2011 ~ Review

A few days ago the band ‘We Are the Ocean’ played a gig down in Portsmouth and our team member Mika went down to see what the band had to offer. What followed was by far one of the best gig’s Mika had ever been too!

So what better why to get a feel for what happened then for a write up. Please follow Mika with his right up of the gig and make sure to check this band out, they rule! Over to you mate.

Hey guys, Mika here.

I wanted to fill you guys in on a recent gig that occurred at the guildhall at Portsmouth on the 23rd April.

So I heard that We Are The Ocean, a band that I have known and loved for over a year now, were playing at the Portsmouth Guildhall, so I went to check it out. I walked in, grabbed a ticket on the door (which was very handy seeing as I was unable to order a ticket online on such short notice) and took a seat whilst everyone was coming in to get seated. Turns out they were supporting the competitors of the Live and Unsigned Tour. Live and Unsigned is an opportunity for local bands and solo artists to show off and compete their musical talent with the panel judges, other competitors and of course, the audience, and earn the chance to pass through various rounds for the big prize of £100,000 and a record label signing. Sounds good right?

The line-up was amazing, and featured all sorts of music genres. From rap to acoustic, every single person was amazing to listen to. Unfortunately I was unable to get the names of the contestants and winners of the semi-final round, but I wanted to congratulate each and every one of them (should they be reading this) for performing so well and putting on a great show.

Just before the winners were to be announced, we were allowed a 10 minute break to grab a drink, hit the toilets and get some fresh air. After that, the exciting part came up…

Spaces were made at the front of the stage for people to get cranky when We Are the Ocean played, and believe me, it did.

Dan Brown (loud/shout vocals) didn’t hesitate to jump down from the stage on the very first song and cause a wreck with the fans and create a mosh pit. He knew how to entertain, but I’m not much of a mosher myself, so I stood back and tried to grab as many photos as possible (had somewhat success).

The guys played 3 killer singles from their new album, Go Now And Live, which is now available on iTunes. The songs included The Waiting Room, What It Feels Like and Runaway.

During one of my personal favourites, Confessions, I was right at the edge of the main stage and had the incredible moment of Dan tower of me and scream at my face whilst also passing me the microphone to shout out the chorus with him, and I’ll admit, I never felt so alive. It was also great to have the chance to speak to the band after the show outside and get my ticket signed.

The experience was absolutely incredible and these guys are not to be missed or go unheard, trust me! I highly recommend you go on to their MySpace and Facebook pages and check them out. You’ll be mad not to.

By Michael Steel (Mika)

Don’t forget to check out more of the band at there Facebook and MySpace!


2 responses to “‘We Are the Ocean’ April 23rd 2011 ~ Review

  1. Sounds like an amazing gig, and that song you posted the video for is great, will definitely look up some more of their stuff now, so thanks for the enlightenment =D

    ❤ Mysti

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