Parkour Foundations ~ New video and Shirts!

Good friends and long time supporters ‘Parkour Foundations’ have asked us to put the word out about some new products they have! So, let’s cut right to the action with the groups latest video.

For those of you who don’t know the group, ‘Parkour Foundations’ is a local parkour/free running group in the Portsmouth area. As it say’s on there website ‘Parkour Foundations is an organisation that aims to promote, perform, teach and train Parkour & Free Running throughout the UK. We are a young group of talented Parkour practitioners based in the Portsmouth and surrounding areas.’ and they rock!

The other great news is that the group now have some shirts up for order! Take a look below in the picture!

That’s all the news from us and ‘Parkour Foundations’ at the moment but make sure to check out there many sites and show support. The Group is looking to raise money to build a Parkour park for everyone to use to learn and train. So go over and pick up a shirt or two and help the group out!

Till next time!

For more check out the group on the following:

Don’t forget to check back for more!


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