International Manba Day ~ Tomorrow!

Today our team member River brings us the news of a great event taking place world wide tomorrow. International Manba Day! This is set to be a great day for gal’s and guys to dress up and have fun in what is a rather epic style!

However, who better to explain about the event tomorrow then River herself, take it away!

International Manba Day is a biannual event taking place on April 30th 2011 (This Saturday!) for boys and gals to dress up in manba for an entire day.

“Manba” is a subcategory of a subculture known as “gyaru” (This style was talked about in the last issue of Yatta! but for those who dont know its basically a fashion style of girls with tanned skin,bright big hair and girls who want to rebel from the traditional oriental styles of eastren “beauty”). The manba style started to die out the past few years but we want it to make a big come back! Theres a big manba boom happening!

International Manba Day is a good time to show others what manba fashion is all about in Japan and meet other people interested in the styles around the world and in your area.

Link to the facebook group event here!

For inspirational pictures, helpful manba makeup tips or just curiosity a couple of my friends and I have made a tumblr blog dedicated to the style! All photos fround on this blog are of manba (and the lighter verion of manba called “banba”)!

Link to blog here!

Please join in and tell all your friends! Lets get wild and have fun!

Don’t forget to check back for more Manba goodness!


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