SOAPBOX ~ Jamie Get’s Consolised

It’s that time of the week again [well, a day late] for our good friend Jamie to post his latest video and today it’s once again about video games. Jamie puts forward a good topic to talk about which we can only but agree with some of his points. As always, let’s hand it over to Jamie.

Oh, one quick message from us here at Yatta!, we have a lot of big things planned for the coming weeks and details about them will be posted soon! For now, enjoy the video!

If you liked this video, check out Jamie’s youtube page here!

Don’t forget to check back next week for the next video!



2 responses to “SOAPBOX ~ Jamie Get’s Consolised

  1. I think you make some really valid points. I think Dragon Age was a really good example, many of these modern games glitch so badly too :/

    The thing is they can get away with dumbing down/simplifying game play these days as there is a new generation of gamers. People that grew up in the age of Atari and SNES will just have to make do with games getting really good (Dreamcast for example) and then becoming this weak filtered down version.

    If the developers weren’t trying so hard to impress through graphics & FMVs then perhaps better battle systems and improvements in game play would be prominent on both console and PC platforms.


    • Thanks for the comment, glad you see my point. It is a definite worry that Graphics are more important than gameplay nowadays. I always thought graphics mean bugger all – Atmosphere are where games should be concentrating (Was getting off the train in Half-Life 2 memorable because of the graphics? Nope.), but thats another soapbox for another day.
      It’s a depressing state of affairs. Especially when you look at examples and see how far Games have fallen. As much as I like Heavy Rain for example, it is a dumbed down Shenmue. A lot of companies seem to mistake gamers cries for more complex games as more difficult games. For example Demon’s Souls, while a fun game, was obviously made to please the crying “hardcore” console gamer. I honestly believe that game could have benefited by being slightly easier (or at least putting in a pause button so I can go to the loo).

      Anyway, I’m getting off track, thanks for the comment!

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