SOAPBOX ~ Jamie’s back!

After some issue’s last week, Jamie is back with this week’s ‘SOAPBOX’ and today he is talking about video games. To make things a little bit more fun, he’s got a guest with him today. But that’s it from me, over to the video!

If you liked this video, check out Jamie’s youtube page here!

Don’t forget to check back next week for the next video!

Till next week!


2 responses to “SOAPBOX ~ Jamie’s back!

  1. Definitely fond of WoW glitches, especially with bosses. Like being able to get both of Rotface & (insert other bosses name that I’ve forgottens) poison residues on you to finish the weekly boss quest. The other would be the flitch in FF7 where if you had W-item you could make 99 of each items by backing out of using an item.

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