New weekly segment by Jamie, ‘Soapbox’

Our good friend, and long time fan Jamie, is back once again to supply us with some more content.

This time however he is here to offer a new weekly segment for the Yatta! blog which we think, is rather good! We will be making a new post every week with the new video from Jamie to ensure you don’t miss out on what he has to say. However, who better to explain what is going down then Jamie himself. Over to you Jamie!

Hello there, I’m Jamie Dickerson, screen-name McErson. Over the coming weeks I’ll be soapboxing to you various things that irk me in the world of Anime and Videogames, and occasionally other subjects when the mood takes me. I try and keep them shortish, but I tend to rant and time escapes me. There is some awesome music in the background.

I like to think I’m somewhat a specialist in most subjects I natter about. Been gaming for 15 years, watching anime for 5, watching movies for…well, I’m pretty sure I had a mini-TV in the womb, I practically live off the stuff. I have a BTEC in Film and TV and have been published in Yatta before. You liked the DNF Article in issue 2? Good, because I wrote it.

Gosh that came off as arrogant. I’m not arrogant. Though me saying that comes off as a bit arrogant. I’m in a lose-lose situation here, so I’ll stop typing and let you watch the video.

Lots of love,

Don’t forget to check back next week for the next video!


2 responses to “New weekly segment by Jamie, ‘Soapbox’

  1. Awesome wee segment.

    Just a few suggestions; Jamie you have such a nice and mellow voice, please put the backing music to a quieter level. Also with a 7 minute video cut it into sections, do a wee bit of editing and this video will be great.
    Content was enjoyable though 😀

    • Haha, thanks for the feedback! Kinda learning as I go- I did realise the music was too loud in this one, so I will make sure to lower it a bit in future ones. And yeah, I’ll probably edit it a bit – I was trying to keep it shorter, but it is a tad hard too when I’m ranting 😛 But a bit of Final Cut magic (and by magic I mean dragging clips over the top of my face) might make it more fun to watch.

      Thanks for the critique, I appreciate it a lot 🙂

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