High School Horrors Preview

As the team work hard on issue two and planning our next event, we are a bit behind on the blog posts. Sorry again about that.

Today however we wish to welcome you to the creative writing skills of Katie Jones and her story ‘High School Horrors’. The story is an enjoyable read and too give you an idea of her creative skills here is a small part from the opening chapter of the story. Make sure to follow the link below too read the rest. Now, over to the story. Enjoy!

High School Horrors Logo

She glared, one eyed, at the alarm clock. It buzzed loudly, the red glowing letters telling her it was 7:30am. She groaned and pulled her pillow over her head and closed it about her ears. Something soft hit her in the back. She grumbled something incoherent. She was hit again.

“WHAT!?” She tore the pillow off her head and leant on her elbows to glare at the boy sitting on her bed.
“You know that buzzing sound?” she glared at him, “Well that means you have to get up now,” He grinned and waggled his pillow at her. She knew she should have requested a door with a lock, especially sharing a apartment with him. With another groan, she rolled her eyes heavenward and collapsed back onto the bed. The boy sighed and hit her over the head with his pillow. In one swift action, the girl was out of bed and ramming the pillow and the boys head into her bed.

“Ow! OwowowowowowowowOW!!” She grimaced and removed the pillow and threw it through her open door, into his room. He smiled sheepishly at her.

“Oh you’re such a morning person Katie,” The glare she gave sent him scampering back into his room and closing the adjoining door very quietly. Shaking her head, Katie moved to the bathroom, showered, cleaned her teeth, brushed her hair, and strolled back into the bedroom. After pulling on the black short skirt over the white tights and doing up the sleeveless white shirt she looked at herself in the mirror critically. Her long blonde hair swept around her shoulders and she sighed as she pulled it up into a pony tail, braided it and then secured it in place with grips and a black ribbon.

“Diago! Are you ready yet? It’s nearly half eight!” The adjoining door opened and Katie smiled as Diago stood in the doorway in his uniform. He wasn’t used to wearing one and looked decidedly uncomfortable. He had added a few things to make the uniform more him. Katie had wondered why he only wanted short sleeved white shirts. It was to go over the top of his selection of long sleeved tops he had bought with him. This particular one was black. The black and red tie wasn’t part of the uniform either. But their mother had said the rules about uniform was lax and students usually managed to stay within the basics (Black skirt/trousers, white shirt) yet still make it their own style. He chucked something at her as he leaned in the doorway. She caught it deftly.

“It’s a little something I bought for you before we left,” Katie looked at the black tie and black long sleeves in her hands.
“Oh Diago! I love them!!” she jumped onto him and hugged him tightly. He may be her brother, but he was the best friend she could ever have.
“Oh but I haven’t bought you anything,” she said guiltily. He waved a hand airily.
“Doesn’t matter. You don’t have to buy me anything,” he flashed her a quick grin as she did up the tie and pulled on the sleeves.

Make sure to check out the rest of the story over at her Deviant Art here!


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