Minecraft: Notch What It Seems

Here at Yatta we have been pulled into too the lastest big internet game which we are sure, many of you have as well. This of course is none other then ‘Minecraft’ a game which is just pure epic! Out for some time now, we wanted to look at the game now it’s in beta and too do so we called in the help of our good friend, Josh Carson. Take it away mate!

Minecraft: Notch What It Seems

When you take you take your gaze off from, what seems most probable, your Facebook Homepage, you’ll probably either be ecstatic, brimming with knowledge of Minecraft’s unique features, or simply browsing the wares of Google Images, probably laughing at the meager graphics that such an addictive game has. Well albiet the lame graphics are a put off, and the monotoneous soundbites are enough to frown at, be prepared to bask in the ambience of a game so dastardly devious in its addictiveness, you won’t actually realise that time is moving whilst you are building.

Minecraft, created by what fans have coined Mr. Notch – the game centres a first person sandbox game, in which the world is your oyster. The game map itself is rather large, so much so that there are items which you bind together just to keep track of where you’re going. Think of the game as a recipe. It’s a good helping of immensely dear graphics, mixed well with a unique blend of building pleasure and creativity. Slowly sieve in the ability to use the entirety of your world at your disposal, and top it with survival against a manifestation of flesh eating zombies, that midly resemble Lego Blocks.

I’ll of course enduldge your curiosity by means of the gameplay itself. Since you’ve probably submitted yourself to my constant rantings of the cringe-worthy graphics, it might be best to say that the concept itself is wonderful. Since the complex consists of 1:1 blocks, which vary in use, strength and effect, it gives One the chance to use One’s fists to eliminate the blocks and add them to your inventory.

As One collects more blocks, and gathers their materials, they are able to create key elements to the game such as a workshop, a furnace and even a one man boat. As One (One is still You, stick with this now) ventures through the world, they find caves, land masses, and materials of various proportions. With a clean set of raw materials, One can create a world of their own, effectively becoming the King. Before you ask the rather blunt question: “What’s the point?” – there is multiplayer, and you don’t have to read this, you must’ve been interested, everything has a point. Between reader and writer, how about you invest €20 in this spectacular gaming experience to purchase the extravagance and immortality of virtual online creation.

There are some videos, particularly on Youtube, which demonstrate what tools such as InvEdit – can do, allowing One to create scale models, and even in some cases, replicas of the Earth itself. It’s fascinating, and it’s different. It might not be your cup of tea, who knows, but I can assure you, the only Care Package you’ll get here is one for glorious praise for a victorious legion of creation, as opposed to a 3 kill streak.

Fantastic, Game is Fantastic. || The J-Score: 8.7/10 (Music is Disturbing)

Thanks for reading, Josh Carson.

For more reviews like this, check out Josh at his blog here!


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