Cherry-Zombie, Artist With Passion!

Once again we here at Yatta would like you to meet a very skilled artist who’s work just rocks. Today we reach out over the seas to Malaysia to meet a good friend of Yatta’s editor, a young female artist called kunima. Or as she is known by her screen name, Cherry-Zombie.

A young artiest with a passion for drawing and fan-art her work is sure to blow you away with her unique style and talented skill. As always, we asked her to write a small bio about her and her work. So please enjoy the work of Cherry-Zombie and make sure to check out more of her work!

Hello everyone (:

I started my passion for arts when I was 6, literally when I learnt how to write and hold a pencil. Of course, that and with some of some influences from Japanese anime such as Sailormoon.

But as I grew, I also went on to some cartoons as well; Xmen and Transformers were some of the ones I watched. And so, my ways of drawing was a mix of both cartoons and animes, although they might change from year to year.

I would describe my art as something that is still developing tho, because I change my style when I have or feel that I have to, but I will keep my originality in place.

I sometimes lose my passion for art, but thanks to the supports of friends and family; I continued on with my works. That made me realized; you can’t do things alone. So please, enjoy my work and supports are highly appreciated! (:

Make sure too check out more of kunima’s work over at her DA page here and maybe check out her website here. She is very skilled and we here at Yatta love her work. Do show your support!


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