Black Rock Shooter DVD – Unboxing

Here at Yatta we are big fan’s of ‘Hatsune Miku’ and the song ‘Black Rock Shooter’. The song and artwork within the video became so well known that it was made into a short anime. Just released last month in Japan, one of our team members was able to get his hands on the ‘Black Rock Shooter Collectors Edtion Blu-Ray’ pack. This awesome box-set can’t go un-missed so he got some photos of the unboxing for us to share with those who haven’t seen the set already. However, let’s start with the song.

So, as I’m sure many of you already know ‘Black Rock Shooter’ [BRS] is a very popular thing at the minute. What we a song, a 50 minute anime, models, posters, the clues towards an anime series and so much more, it was only time till a great box-set was release to the fans. The anime it’s self or OVA [original video animation] which comes in the box set is by far, one of the best I have ever seen however I’ll leave a review of that till later when I find time to watch the blu-ray! For now however, let’s look at this collectors edition.

Nice looking box right? Before I show you the content I want to ask you all something. How much would you say this sort of thing would cost? £20? maybe even £100? It’s rather a big thing to the fans and they could easily put a high cost on it. What if I said the box-set it’s self costed only £40! That’s right, only £40! Ok yeah, I paid an arm and a leg for the shipping but I went fedex for speed so it’s only fair. But for that £40 you do get your moneys wroth.

Let’s take a look.

Here is what your find inside! Let’s run through what you get. Your find the Blu-Ray which as a plus, comes with the DVD as well. So your getting both discs in one pack. Next is some paper which is an ad for the upcoming game. That’s right, BRS game! 36 page artwork book and a 300+ page storyboard book of the whole anime! That and the main element of the set, two limited edition figures of Black Rock Shooter and Dead Master! All this, and hours of extras on the discs for £40. Deal!

Now sadly, I’ve not opened the figures yet as I’m waiting for my display case so here is the image taken from the ‘Play-Asia’ website so you can see how they look.

Now sadly, I’ve not opened the figures yet as I’m waiting for my display case so here is the image taken from the ‘Play-Asia’ website so you can see how they look.

So there you go! The BRS Box-set. I know it’s not much but hopefully if your a fan of BRS this is all you need too see just how awesome and epic this box-set is. Your getting easily £100+ wroth of stuff for a nice £40. As I said however, the shipping is a pain for anything more then airmail so be careful.

As I said, we will have a full review of the blu-ray copy of the anime up soon. For now however I just want to say that if your a fan of Black Rock Shooter. Then this is the box-set for you! If you want to know more, or order one for yourself or a friend then check out ‘Play-Asia’ for the details. But do be quick as it’s only Limited availability.

Thanks for reading and check back soon for the full review!


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