New Creatives 2011 Exhibition!

Here at Yatta we have been a bit busy this week so haven’t had much time to post much content here on the blog for you all. Sorry about that. However, one of the things we were busy with was the ‘New Creatives 2011 Exhibition’ which started today at the University of Portsmouth ‘Space’ faculty. Some of Yatta’s team members from Portsmouth College were lucky to be apart of this as were some of our readers so, we went down to have a look!

“The ‘New Creatives 2011’ is an artist-led joint exhibition of work by students from local further education and sixth form colleges, in collaboration with the Visual Libraries Project. Creative works are showcased on the theme of ‘Legacy’, in a variety of disciplines, visual arts, performance, artists’ sketchbooks, music and film.”

The ‘New Creatives 2011 Exhibition’ which started today at the University of Portsmouth ‘Space’ faculty holds the work of six different colleges and sixth form colleges which all got together and created work on the theme of ‘Legacy’. The lucky few who made it through to the end all went down this afternoon to kick the event off and see their work on show. The event was a fun and enjoyable time which allowed us too look around, with free food and drink, and take in the work of so many skilled people. A range of work from Photography to Graphic designs and even videos made for a great time.

Some may say that there isn’t much to see and yes, it is a rather small exhibition but it’s filled with some great work by some very skilled young people. Seeing the work of young people in a public place is what Yatta likes to see. One of our personal favourites was the wall covered with graphic designs from Portsmouth College with strong and powerful designs making statements about our world. It’s a great collection and gets you thinking about the topics and ideas they put forward. Not only that but seeing our readers and fellow team members work on the walls was just great.

If your a fan of art, took part in this project, heard about it or even just have some free time. We highly recommend going down and checking the exhibition out. It’s free, open Monday – Friday from 10am till 4pm until the 11th February from Monday. For more details on the event and where to find it make sure to check out the website here and the blog here.

There isn’t much too say really other then you should go down and check it out! It’s free, by young people from around the local area and it’s wroth the time. Make sure not to miss out.

Let us know if you go and tell us what you think below in the comments.


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