11 Games For 2011 By Josh!

Here at Yatta the new year means a new start at getting everything sorted out. To help us kick off the year what better way to do so then to ask our good friend Josh Carson, too give us the load down on what top ten games he thinks we should all keep a look out for. So, welcome too Yatta Josh and now enjoy his list.

1. Minecraft

It’s not simply a sensation, it’s beyond creative. Make anything you want, do whatever you please, create weapons, create a monarchy and rule your vast kingdom, as you start with so little. Albeit ridiculous, this game does feature some rather tainted graphics, but with the Beta now being a cheap $20, it’s pretty much a must. Don’t be fooled by the face of the game, but rather, like an open book, judge it by the incredible addictiveness new creation brings.

2. Goldeneye

Let’s go back to the old days of ripping out the cartridge from the box, unaware of the value such flimsy cardboard has, nothing compared to the experience this game brings. This game is simply the epitome of the classic shooter, encased in a thick coat of insanity, and a little unorthodox trigger fingering. It’s back, on the Wii, and although nothing compared to the block dock Nintendo 64, it’s a must have if you want to witness shooting revolution.

3. Guild Wars 2

Come on, you expected something like a tedious button masher, or a graphics cruncher? No, this is where game breaking bangs on the doors of every mom’s basement and demands a thorough domination. Served chilled with a slice of authentic MMORPG, Guild Wars is renowned for being the carnage filled franchise being free, as opposed to slaughtered games that require a pathetic congestion charge, just to park in the lobby and wait for a sage to bump them up to the top.

4. The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword

Does this demon even need an introduction? It’s one of the most milked franchises out there, but this cow just won’t die, and heck we all love it! It’s pixelated love, its beauty graphically integrated, it’s just Zelda. A new addition to the series, Skyward Sword takes flight at the latter months of 2011, taking the world by an impact and equipping its mirror shield, emitting a ray of new hope. Concealed and mysterious, not much has been released in terms of manic material for the fairy fans, but the best present is often the one that is completely unexpected. This is going to be one great present.

5. Pokemon Black & White

No, you’re not too old, you’ll never be too old. The flower pot out there, it’s a bellsprout. Ever wondered why there is traffic on the motorway? Someone forgot their pokeflute for the snorlax. It’s integrated into our lonely lives, every single inanimate object new with a cult-prestige that is Pokemon. You can find this new generation five series, equipped with new Pokemon and new powers to harness, in the early stages of ’11.

6. Portal 2

It’s just so crazily fascinating. Whipping you into another dimension, Portal 2 just crashed the vortex between gamer and the game, bringing you into the reality that is, messed up. The ability to use two shades of portals, a receiver and an open portal, creating a strange way to travel, and an epic unique game developed by Valve that simply cannot be missed. Watch out for this one, it’s tricky to follow.

7. Gears of War 3

Yep it’s another. Yep, it’s just as gory. Yep, you want your hands on it. Yep, you love it. You just crave the satisfaction of killing ghouls, multiple degenerates with an amoebic brain-span, in a savage genocide. You enjoy that don’t you? Killing the simpletons one by one. Well sorry, you’ll have to wait a little while longer, but then again, will you have the soul to go into such an in-depth cataclysmic orgy? We’ll find out.

8. Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood

I know I know, it’s been out since November. But something tells me that you’re not going to shelf this until every last feather, sequence and item is collected. It’s addictive, but you’ll have to live with that sense of establishing completion, and you’ll have to live the life of Ezio, taking back control of Rome, many vendetta’s realised, many lives lost. As for the game, yeah it’s simply beastly.

9. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Oblivion.

What can you say about this franchise without salivating? It’s perfect for recreational or hardcore gaming, as the prestige that are deemed worthy enough to purchase this will reap the rewards. Forget about blowing out your candles for a new car, or to be the dictator of peace and justice whilst formulating the inpending answer to N=NP, wish for this game. Wish for it and thrive, padawan.

10. Although there are many games that are deemed worthy enough to be added to this list, Crysis 2 is perhaps the bombshell for graphics crunchers, epitomising everything about hardcore gaming, and making dreams of a pure world, obsolete. I’ll quickly dedicate a little space to Diablo 3, simply due to that extra touch Blizzard gives to the sin-feeding franchise that gives it that destructive feel.

Hope you enjoy 2011, I know you will though, cooped up inside with nothing but a palette of games consoles, the ecstasy building up inside you as you’re being pulled off the game for dindins.

Thanks for reading, Josh.

For more reviews like this, check out Josh at his blog here!


4 responses to “11 Games For 2011 By Josh!

  1. Goldeneye Wii is already out. And theres a lack of Deus Ex 3. DEUS EX 3 MAN. Apart from that, good list. Glad to see D3 and Crysis 2 getting nods, most lists forget that PCs exist

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