Best Film Of 2010: Your Vote

Carrying on in our posts to see what everyone feels was the ‘Best’ in 2010 we have the second poll ready to go.

Yesterday we looked at the ‘Best Game Of 2010’ but today we are looking at the ‘Best Film’. As before we have already put in ten films for you as picked by the team but feel free to add more in the poll or by posting a comment below.

We will post the results in about a weeks time for all four. All the best and thanks.

Look out for tomorrow’s poll to vote for the ‘Best Anime Of 2010’!


2 responses to “Best Film Of 2010: Your Vote

  1. You know, for the longest time I was ready to name The Social Network for my film of the year. And it’s still damn high up there. And I would even name that a better film on a technical level.
    But Kick-Ass. The film defines not only the superhero genre, but also the superhero fan. It wraps up so much emotion and brilliance in a tight comedic package. A fantastic film.

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