Best Game Of 2010:Your Vote

Here at Yatta, things are going a bit easy what with the holidays in full action meaning content is a little short at the minute. With only four more days to the big day (christmas) is here, we wanted to take some time to look back over the year. One thing we really want to look at is what were the best parts of the year in terms of entrainment. By this we mean things like ‘Best Game’ or ‘Best Film’ and so on. To make things better however, we don’t just want to post our views we want to know yours as well.

The easiest way for us to do this is to open up the polls yet again and allow you all to vote with what you think was the best of the year. Of course, you can always just leave a comment. We are looking at four different areas which are Games, Films, Anime and Manga. To make things bit easyer, we will post one poll a day for the next four days starting with today’s one, ‘Best Game of 2010’.

We have already picked a few main games which we here at Yatta love but we are sure your think of more.

We will post the results in about a weeks time for all four. All the best and thanks.


3 responses to “Best Game Of 2010:Your Vote

  1. 2010 has been a major year for gaming. Not on the consoles, but on the PC. We’ve seen a huge revival in PC gaming this year, with Starcraft 2 and Civilizations V making huge impacts. However, despite my love for PC gaming, I’d say the best game of the year splashed down on a much smaller system.

    Valkyria Chronicles 2 is everything you could want from a sequel and more. Improving on everything wrong about the first game, and condensing it all onto a handheld, I’d say it’s the game I’ve played most of this year. Starcraft 2 was my top pick for most of the year, with Silent Hill Shattered Memories not far behind, but Segas Strat-em-up beat them to my personal GOTY trophy at the last second. Bravo.

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